How to Make a Wellness Quiz (with 35+ questions you can use)

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Tell me if this sounds like you…

You’re the owner of a health biz. Whether you’re a coach, doctor, or naturopath, you’re ready to spread your mission to more people. 

But you’re struggling because your to-do list is never-ending! It includes growing your email list, engaging with online clients, AND putting a marketing strategy on autopilot. You’re scratching your head, wondering if it’s even possible. 

Did I get it right? 

Well, here’s a not-so-secret secret: You can accomplish ALL of these goals with a wellness quiz. I’m talking about the kind of lead-generating quiz that guides users straight to your biz. 

In this guide, I’ll get into the nitty-gritty about wellness quizzes, including: 

Let’s go!  

Is a wellness quiz right for you? 

Let’s dig deeper into what “wellness” means. 

According to Merriam Webster, wellness is defined as “the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal.” 

Interesting… so wellness doesn’t cover just one aspect of health but ALL areas of health! Some of these aspects include: 

  • nutrition 
  • mindfulness 
  • emotional well-being
  • physical health

Many wellness quizzes I’ve seen promote holistic treatment and alternative medicine. Think acupuncture, herbs, and meditation. If this sounds like your business, you’ll love creating a wellness quiz! 

Or perhaps you’re more interested in the following topics: 

Still not sure if a wellness quiz is right for you? Keep reading for three real-life examples. 

3 wellness quiz examples and why they’re successful 

Wellness quizzes come in all shapes and sizes. Some cover nutrition, while others talk about the overall mind, body, and spirit. 

Below are three examples of wellness quizzes with explanations about how they build email subscribers, trust, and engagement. 

1. What is your eating type and why? 

Jessie Golden is a mind-body health coach. She helps women build intuitive-eating habits and a healthy mindset toward food. 

Take a look at her quiz, “What’s your eating type? And WHY?” 

quiz cover for What's your eating type and why

Jessie’s topic is refreshing. Online nutritional content is almost always targeted toward weight loss and strict diets, so Jesse’s lighter approach is welcome.

She simply opens the conversation about eating habits—why do you eat the way you do? How can you change your habits to become a better version of yourself? 

Do you want to know the best part?  

Jessie’s quiz attracts 100+ email subscribers every week! 

How does she do it? 

Let’s take a look at Jessie’s email list growth strategy. 

1. Jessie promotes her quiz on her website and social media channels. 

2. When users finish taking the quiz, they can “opt-in” to her email list in exchange for their quiz results. They also receive a Facebook group invite. 

3. Jessie continues providing value about intuitive eating with jam-packed emails, resources, and online courses. 

The good news is that these strategies aren’t customized for Jessie. YOU can use these methods, too! 

2. Digestive health quiz 

Some wellness quizzes cover broad topics, but others focus on more specific questions to attract a niche audience. 

Bright Moon Wellness is a team of naturopathic doctors who created this digestive health quiz to attract new patients.  

digestive health quiz cover

Bright Moon Wellness hit the nail on targeting a niche. I mean, how many digestive health quizzes do you see every day? 

Yeah… not many. 

So here’s where Bright Moon Wellness’s quiz shines: 

time for a gut check result page with CTA

When you get your quiz results, this practice offers a 15-minute consultation… for free! It’s the perfect gateway to more patients. 

Other freebies you can use to promote your practice include: 

  • A webinar about your practice and services 
  • A series of videos covering the patient’s biggest pain points 
  • An invite to a live Q&A 

Get creative! What would your new patients love to see more of? 

3. What’s your wellness archetype? 

Martina Fink is a health and beauty coach. She saves her talent for high-performing women who err on the side of perfectionism. 

Using holistic methods and a “What’s your wellness archetype?” quiz, Martina helps these women push past stress and find peace on the other side. 

What is your wellness archetype quiz cover

Take a closer look at Martina’s quiz description.

She sets the tone with, “The way you live your life has a direct impact on your wellbeing and on how you take care of yourself.” 

The next paragraph tells readers everything they need to know about her quiz—what it’s about, what they’ll get in return, and why they should understand their wellness archetype. 

On top of that, Martina’s quiz questions cover multiple areas of life and wellness! Let’s take a look at five questions she asks:  

  • How do you see money? — Financial wellness 
  • What do you do when you’re angry? — Emotional wellness 
  • What are your friendships like? — Social wellness 
  • How much do you trust your intuition? — Spiritual wellness 
  • What are your daily eating habits? — Physical wellness 

As an “archetype” quiz, it makes sense to cover multiple areas of health. But for you, it may look different. 

Psst… we’ve come up with 40 wellness questions you can use for your future quiz! 

After reading through the wellness quiz examples, you now know: 

  • Wellness quizzes cover numerous topics 
  • You can (and should!) use a quiz to grow your email list 
  • Quizzes invite users to engage with your business
  • The more value you offer, the more trust you’ll build 

Are you ready to build your own wellness quiz? 

Hooray! Let’s dive into the tutorial. 

How to create a wellness quiz in 5 steps 

Diving into a new marketing strategy might sound scary… but creating a wellness quiz is a fun and rewarding experience. 

The following five steps will help you build a wellness quiz your audience will love! 

  1. Choose a topic around your audience and goals 
  2. Build a valuable results page 
  3. Ask engaging questions 
  4. Create a freebie 
  5. Build an email opt-in form and sequence 

1. Choose a topic around your audience and goals 

Your quiz topic is the foundation of your marketing funnel. It should encourage your target user to: 

  1. Take your quiz 
  2. Sign up for your email list 
  3. Connect with your business 
  4. Reach their goals 

And speaking of goals, it’s time to get clear on the goal of your quiz funnel. Are you trying to increase sales, subscribers, or both? 

Let’s take another look at the goals that Jessie, Bright Moon Wellness, and Martina set with their wellness quizzes. 

  • Jessie: Her intuitive-eating quiz leads users to sign up for her email list and intuitive-eating online course. 
  • Bright Moon Wellness: This practice’s quiz encourages new users to become new patients. 
  • Martina: Her wellness archetype quiz promotes her podcast and Perfectionist Rehab program. 

Something else to consider is your audience. Brainstorm their biggest pain points and how you can solve them with your quiz. 

Ask yourself questions like: What are people constantly DMing you about? What type of questions flood your inbox every day? Those are the pain points you want to solve for your future customers. 

Let’s turn the conversation back to you. What topic will reflect your business goals, mission, and audience? 

If you get stuck, check out these common wellness topics: 

  • nutrition 
  • women’s health 
  • gut health 
  • mental health 
  • physical health 

Don’t feel rushed to choose a topic. Remember, it’s the base of your strategy, so give it the attention it deserves! 

2. Build a valuable results page 

No pressure… but your quiz results significantly impact your goals. 

Think of your quiz results as the bridge that connects new users to your business. 

If you build a shaky bridge with short, impersonal quiz results, users might lose interest and click away. 

But if you solidify your bridge with valuable results, your audience can return the favor with more engagement and sales. 

Now for the real question: How do you create valuable results? 

We can best answer this question with a real-life results page example. Let’s dive into Doc Devon’s “What’s your wellness personality?” results page. 

You are water quiz result

Every result page starts with the quiz-taker’s type, a relatable image, and a positive description. 

Quiz-taker’s type: Use a formula like “You are… Blank!” or “You’re Blank.” 

Relatable image: Pick an image that users will resonate with. You can use Interact’s image search engine or pick your own design! 

Description: Don’t hold back in this section. Get deep into your user’s type and talk about their strengths, weaknesses, and desires.  Answer anything you would want to know about your type! 

Now that the user knows what type they are, they’ll wonder how to improve themselves. Help them out with three or more tips. And stay away from generic pointers, like information they can easily find on their own through a quick Google search. 

tips about acupuncture

Doc Devon over-delivers with detailed paragraphs and images. This is the kind of stuff only licensed acupuncturists (like Devon) could offer. 

At this point, your user should know their type and have clear information on how to improve their wellness. Now they might be wondering who you are.

Queue: your introduction. 

introduction to quiz creator

This part is simple—explain what you do and why you do it. The introduction isn’t all about you; it’s also about how you help your audience achieve XYZ. 

Brownie points if you add a nice photo. 

Almost done! Next, Doc Devon shares three resources related to her practice. 

3 resources for quiz result page

This is where you promote your community page, content, and other freebies. Add links to your resources so users can easily redirect to your website. 

And that’s it. To refresh your memory, your converting quiz results page will: 

  1. State the user’s type and add a relatable image and description 
  2. Show off your knowledge with three actionable tips 
  3. Introduce yourself and show your expertise
  4. Offer three resources related to your product/service 

Check out our quiz templates to get started!

3. Ask engaging questions 

Where would your quiz be without some good questions? 

The best quiz questions engage users and get them thinking, I gotta know my results. 

But what type of questions should you, the health expert, ask? Let’s go through a few examples. 

when I think of food question

An engaging question isn’t shallow, but personal! The question, “When I think of food, I think of…” allows people to open up in a more detailed way. 

Personal questions are effective because they’ll help you understand your audience on another level. They also help users feel seen. 

Note: Personal is not the same as invasive. You can ask personal questions, but avoid the uncomfortable ones. (You know what we’re talking about.) 

Along with personal questions, ask questions that target a pain point. 

during time of stress quiz question

A question like “During times of stress or overwhelm, I’m most likely to…” helps you understand why your audience is struggling and how they cope. 

Targeting your users’ pain points will help you identify their biggest challenges. It’s your opportunity to help them improve themselves. 

Of course, you want your quiz-takers to feel empowered, not sad. Lighten the mood with a few Buzzfeed-like questions! 

Who is your wellness celebrity crush question

“Who is your wellness celebrity crush?” is a perfect example of an engaging question. 

Here are some other ideas to inject a bit of fun into your questions: 

  • Your fairy godmother just paid you a visit! What did you wish for? 
  • Which superhero did you admire as a kid? 
  • Woohoo! You just won the lottery. How will you spend your cash? 
  • What vacation spot best describes you? 

Fun questions create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage people to think about their wishes and happy memories. You can use this information to target your audience’s desires. 

Your 40 ready-to-go questions and answers are coming soon. But let’s go through a few more steps first. 

4. Create a freebie 

Your quiz is technically a freebie. But we recommend going above and beyond with another free resource. 

Freebies give users even more incentive to opt-in to your email list. They also keep users engaged with your content. 

Jessie’s quiz freebie is an invite to her “Normalized Eating” Facebook group—where quiz-takers can meet like-minded people and stay in contact with Jessie herself. 

Normalized eating Facebook group

But maybe you want to rev up some sales. If that’s the case, go for an e-commerce incentive, like a 10% off discount code. 

discount offer and CTA

Discounts and other promos work best if you’re in the middle of a launch or are aiming to increase a certain product sale. 

And hey, you can always stick to a good ol’ guide. 

Free gifts for you section

So what would work for your wellness quiz? Below are a few examples. I’ll use a health coach scenario to describe how each one works. 

  • Videos: Record a 10-minute video of the user’s type and how they can progress. 
  • Guides: Write an actionable guide about how the user can improve their type and which of your services will help them get results. 
  • Consultation call: Understand your client’s pain points and desires with a 1:1 conversation. 
  • Webinar: Record a webinar of health hacks and recommendations. 
  • Facebook group: Invite users to your Facebook group, Slack group, etc. 

Choose the freebie you think your audience will love the most. 

5. Build an email opt-in form and email sequence 

With your freebie finished, you can create an email opt-in form. If you’re an Interact user, you can integrate your email software with your quiz. 

Integration lets you build segmented lists and sequences based on each quiz type! 


Let’s go over Jessie’s email opt-in form and why it converts. 

opt-in form after quiz

Title: Remind users why they’re entering their email in the first place. In this case, it’s to find out their eating type. 

Description: In one or two sentences, explain what quiz-takers will learn. This is a great spot to add your freebie or incentive. 

Contact information: Keep this basic by just asking for a name and email address. But Interact allows you to ask for more contact information, like last name and company, if needed. 

Privacy: This part is optional, but it’s nice to give users peace of mind about their first-party data—especially in this day and age. 

CTA: You can keep this to “I want my results!” or something along those lines. 

Option to skip: This button is optional as well, but we recommend it! Allowing users to skip your opt-in will attract people who truly want to be part of your email list. You’ll get better open rates and engagement. 

Are you interested in building an email opt-in? Check out our email list building guide. 

As we mentioned before, connecting your email list with Interact is a chance to build email sequences around each quiz type. 

And speaking of email sequences, here’s what a typical quiz email sequence looks like (courtesy of Elizabeth McCravy).

First email: Welcome email + copy of quiz results + freebie 

email from web designer

Elizabeth does what she promises and sends quiz results right away. Include the quiz results and freebie in the main part of the email. 

Second email: Offer more resources 

Keep the gifts coming! Shower your users with another email full of actionable advice. 

second email

Your email subscribers are still in the warm-up phase. Get them excited with extra resources and takeaways they can actually use. 

Third email: A small promo + introduction 

Your readers are ready to see what you’ve got. It’s time to introduce them to your shop, product, or service. 

third email of what's included

And while you’re at it, reintroduce yourself! 


Okay, we’re finally getting to the selling part. Let’s keep going! 

Fourth email: Talk about your product or service 

There are many ways to approach this email. Some businesses will get straight to the point with a hard sell. And others, like Elizabeth, will use a soft approach. 

email about if product is right for you

Elizabeth helps readers answer their biggest question: Is this product right for me? Throughout this email, she mentions who should buy her templates. 

The email ends with a quick shout-out to her online course.

course description

Elizabeth’s is just one email sequence out of hundreds, but it follows a particular order that has brought our clients success: 

  1. quiz results 
  2. more resources 
  3. a quick promo + re-introduction of yourself 
  4. the sell 

You can follow this model as a guide, but feel free to personalize it to your audience and business model. 

Now let’s get to the fun part … designing your quiz! 

How to design a wellness quiz 

Interact’s drag and drop interface makes it easy to design your wellness quiz. But we’ll take you through a few steps to get started on the right foot. 

Ready to get started? 

  1. Choose a template or start from scratch 
  2. Implement your brand 
  3. Design your questions 
  4. Create results pages 
  5. Correlate questions and answers 

1. Choose a template or start from scratch 

Starting at the beginning, click Create New Quiz at the top of your dashboard. 

create a quiz button in Interact

You can either choose a template or start your quiz from scratch. In this wellness quiz tutorial, we’ll use the template, “Which essential oils should you try next?” 

Choose a template

Quick Tip: Take a look at our health quiz templates to save more time! 

2. Implement your brand 

Whether you chose a quiz template or started from scratch, you should end up at the quiz editing page. 

set up brand colors and font along the top of the quiz

This is your one-stop shop to design your entire quiz. Start with your cover page and choose a nice image with our search engine. Then, write a title, description, and call to action. 

Next, head to the design menu at the top. 

design menu in Interact

Go ahead and choose your colors, font, and logo. We suggest staying as close to your brand as possible, so online users associate your quiz with your business. 

You can even add a branded image to your cover page.

quiz cover with brand image

Nina Boyce, a fertility awareness and hormone coach, uses an image of herself for the cover. Now, clients will connect fertility awareness with Nina’s coaching! 

3. Design your questions and results 

Next up: the quiz questions. 

Questions always look best with images! You can add a cover image. 

essential oil know-how question

And you can add answer images, which help users visualize the different choices. Plus, if we’re being honest, they look nice, too. 

question answers with image

This step will be even easier when you use our 40 wellness quiz questions below! 

Your results pages should look similar to your question pages. Add images throughout the page and stay on-brand. 

result page designer with tips

If you want detailed tips for designing your page, hit the light bulb on the far right. Or click the chat box at the bottom right to talk to our support team. 

4. Correlate questions and answers 

You’re almost there! Let’s correlate—or match up—your questions and answers, so your results are as accurate as possible. 

To get started, head to each question page and click Edit Result Correlations. 

correlate question answers to results

From here, connect each answer to its best result. Answers can correlate with multiple results, and vice versa. 

result correlations

All done? 

Hit Preview at the top of the page and see what you’ve created. 

how to preview and publish quiz

Next, click Publish—you’re ready to go! 

40 wellness quiz questions and answers 

You’ve made it to our extensive list of 40 wellness quiz questions! Browse this list, then feel free to pick and choose whichever questions and answers work best for your quiz topic. 

1. Mindfulness  

1. How grounded do you usually feel? 

  1. I feel super grounded, but still connected to the divine. 
  2. I’m grounded most of the time… until I see my crush—then my heart starts fluttering, and I don’t know what to do with myself! 
  3. Good question! I wouldn’t call myself ungrounded, but I have big dreams and have been described as having my head in the clouds. 
  4. Honestly, I don’t feel grounded very often at all… 

2. Woohoo! You just won a trip to the mindfulness retreat of your choice. Where are you going? 

  1. On an Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica! I’m all about medicinal plants. 
  2. A self-care trip to Hawaii. Massages, facials, and yoga? Yes, please. 
  3. An all-inclusive resort in Cancun! I could use the free drinks. 
  4. Sedona, Arizona, with my best friends. 

3. What are your thoughts on meditation? 

  1. I meditate as much as I can. 
  2. It’s so hard, but I’d like to get better at it. 
  3. Eh, I’ve never thought of myself as a “meditation” type of person. 
  4. I like the idea, but I just don’t have the time. 

4. What is your definition of mindfulness? 

  1. Being aware of my emotions. 
  2. Being aware of my body sensations. 
  3. Doing a bunch of yoga and drinking smoothies. 
  4. Recognizing my thought patterns and busting through beliefs. 

5. I’m easily distracted. True or false? 

  1. True—my mind is everywhere! 
  2. False—I’m hyper-focused almost always. 

6. Earth, fire, water, air… which one are you? 

  1. Earth—I’m grounded and look at things objectively. 
  2. Water—I go with the flow and get along with everyone. 
  3. Fire—I’m either all in or all out. 
  4. Air—I let go of control and let life do its thing. 

7. How do you spend dinner time? 

  1. Watching my favorite show! 
  2. My partner/family and I try to eat together every night. 
  3. I’m usually scarfing down food as I finish working. 
  4. Picking up take-out or eating out with friends. 

8. What’s your biggest vice? 

  1. Technology—I’m almost ALWAYS in front of a screen. 
  2. Junk food—I can’t get enough of it. 
  3. Work—It’s all I do! But at least I’m being productive… right? 
  4. Drink culture—I’m grabbing drinks with friends all the time. 

9. How often do you take a moment and observe your surroundings? 

  1. ALL the time! I’m very in tune with my senses. 
  2. Ha! Never. My head is always somewhere else. 
  3. I try to observe my surroundings or meditate once a day… but it’s hard. 

10. I feel like I always have to be doing something. True or false? 

  1. True! I feel guilty if I’m not getting something done. 
  2. False. I’m fine with just being. 

2. Nutrition/Holistic health 

1. How often do you get sick? 

  1. Once a year, around the holidays. 
  2. 1 or 2 times a year. 
  3. Ugh, all the time. I’m always battling something. 

2. How long does it usually take your body to fight off an illness? 

  1. WAY too long! Whenever I get sick, I’m bedridden for a week. 
  2. It depends, but usually 2 to 3 days, tops! 
  3. I usually get sick for a day and that’s it! 

3. What’s your digestion like? 

  1. This might be TMI, but there’s a lot of burping and gas involved… 
  2. I’ve never thought too much about my digestion. 
  3. It’s good for the most part unless I eat something I shouldn’t. 
  4. I can eat almost anything and still feel great! 

4. It’s 2:00 p.m. What are you craving? 

  1. Caffeine! I’m falling asleep at my desk. 
  2. Something sweet, like a soda or chocolate bar. 
  3. I could go for a bag of potato chips. 
  4. A full meal—I’m starving! 

5. You’re struggling to get ANY work done today. What’s the problem? 

  1. Brain fog! I feel “meh,” and I can’t think clearly.
  2. Social media—Instagram is my vice. 
  3. I slept terribly last night. Maybe I should go for another cup of coffee… 
  4. My mind feels like it’s in 10 places at once. I have so much to do. 

6. Describe your daily schedule in three words: 

  1. Busy, everywhere, driving 
  2. Relaxing, breathing, connecting 
  3. Talking, moving, creating 
  4. Laughing, eating, socializing 

7. Alcohol makes you feel… 

  1. Alive! A couple of drinks turns me into a social animal. 
  2. Sick. My stomach doesn’t do well with alcohol. I avoid it as much as possible. 
  3. Guilty. It’s expensive and never leads to good situations. 
  4. Fine. I drink it sometimes but could go without it. 

8. What’s your exercise routine? 

  1. I’m either exercising 24/7 or not at all. 
  2. I try to move my body every day, even if it’s just a walk. 
  3. Weights, HIIT workouts—I love anything high-intensity! 
  4. Meh, I’d rather opt for the couch. 

9. How does your body react to stress? 

  1. My skin gets itchy and will sometimes break out in hives. 
  2. My digestion goes whack! 
  3. I actually have no idea. I’ve never thought about it. 
  4. My mind feels cloudy and like I can’t focus. 

10. If you could wish one health issue away, what would it be? 

  1. Bloating and constipation. 
  2. Constant headaches! 
  3. Just feeling out of it. 
  4. Always feeling tired. 

3. Women’s health 

1. Describe your friendships in one word. 

  1. Shallow
  2. Supportive 
  3. Distant 
  4. Fun 

2. When you hear the word PMS, you think about… 

  1. Painful cramps—ouch! 
  2. Insane mood swings that I can’t control. 
  3. Mild cramps, but that’s about it! 
  4. Sleeping for hours! PMS completely drains me. 

3. How in tune are you with your menstrual cycle? 

  1. I wait for my period and that’s it. What else am I supposed to know? 
  2. I track my cycles as a way to improve my health. 
  3. I’m only in tune when I’m trying to avoid pregnancy. 
  4. I don’t know much, but I’ve always wanted to learn more! 

4. When you look in the mirror, you think… 

  1. Man, I should hit the gym more. 
  2. Are the bags under my eyes that dark? I need to sleep. 
  3. My hair looks messy but I’m going to have a great day anyway! 
  4. I’m smart. I’m radiant. I’m whole. Affirmations can get me through anything. 

5. How do you want to feel at the end of the day? 

  1. Productive—I accomplished everything I needed to get done. 
  2. Content—I got through another day feelin’ good! 
  3. Peace—I’d love some “me” time. 

6. Quick! Choose an archetype: 

  1. The visionary: I know what I want and go after it, full-force.  
  2. The doer: I juggle family life, work, and personal life like magic. 
  3. The caretaker: I’m always wondering how I can help others around me. 
  4. The free spirit: I let life take me wherever it wants to. Life shouldn’t be too serious! 

7. What area of life could you focus more on? 

  1. My relationships—It’s hard to create deep connections. 
  2. My work life—I know what I want but don’t know how to start. 
  3. My family life—I feel like everyone needs me and it’s overwhelming. 
  4. My “fun” life—I could use a night out with my BFFs. 

8. What are your thoughts around having children? 

  1. Been there, done that! 
  2. Maybe I’ll have children one day, but I’m not interested right now. 
  3. I’m currently trying! Wish me luck. 
  4. Kids are fine, but they’re not for me. 

9. How would your BFF describe you? 

  1. A little sassy but fiercely loyal to the ones I love. 
  2. Very easy-going and a bit indecisive. 
  3. A free spirit and a procrastinator. 
  4. Independent and not about the emotional stuff. 

10. You got off work early! What are you doing? 

  1. Great! Now I’ll actually get to my kid’s basketball game on time. 
  2. Calling up my friend for some dranks. 
  3. Heading home to relax. 
  4. Swinging by the gym to squeeze in another workout. 

4. Mental/Emotional health 

1. You woke up late again! What’s going through your head? 

  1. I must be tired! I should go to bed early tonight. 
  2. Why can’t I just wake up on time? I’m already failing today… 
  3. Eh, it happens. I’ll still have a good day no matter what! 
  4. Well, I might as well skip all of my plans. There’s no point in being late. 

2. On a scale of 1 to 5, how often do you feel anxious? 

  1. 1 to 3—unless a major life change happens, I’m pretty relaxed. 
  2. 3 to 4—I experience anxiety pretty often. 
  3. 5—the smallest things will trigger my anxiety like crazy! 

3. You and your best friend got into a fight. How do you cope? 

  1. I push down my feelings and move on. What’s the point in dwelling on it? 
  2. I process the situation, write in my journal, and talk to my partner. 
  3. I head to the boxing gym and punch it out. Just thinking about it makes me SO angry! 
  4. I grab some ice cream and watch my favorite show. 

4. You wake up in a terrible mood. How do you bring your spirits up? 

  1. Listen to a funny podcast on the way to work. Humor fixes everything. 
  2. Text my BFF.  
  3. Do a quick journal sesh and get to the bottom of my emotions. 
  4. Go on a morning run and feel those endorphins! 

5. After spending all night finishing a work project, your boss is critical of the work. How do you deal? 

  1. I take a deep breath and go through each suggestion. I know my boss has good intentions. 
  2. I regret spending so much time on the project. What’s the point of trying if I’m going to get punished for it? 
  3. I shed a few tears. Criticism hurts! 
  4. I push back. There’s no way I messed up THAT badly. 

6. Your partner wants to talk to you about finances. How do you feel? 

  1. Freaked out—I hate talking about money and avoid it when I can. 
  2. Excited! I can’t wait to plan our financial journey. 
  3. Like I’m being judged. Why do they care about my finances? 
  4. Neutral—I don’t like talking about finances but will when it’s necessary. 

7. What are your thoughts around spirituality? 

  1. I’m religious and don’t know where I’d be without it! 
  2. I consider myself spiritual but don’t follow a structured religion. 
  3. I’m agnostic. I won’t believe it until I see it. 
  4. It’s not for me. 

8. What do you think about before going to sleep? 

  1. My day and whether I got everything done. 
  2. My plans for tomorrow! 
  3. Nothing. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’m out. 
  4. All the emotions I felt that day. I can hide it during the day, but it creeps in my head at night. 

9. It’s morning! How do you spend your time? 

  1. Going straight out the door and to a coffee drive-thru. I need some energy before work. 
  2. Some journaling, a nice walk, and maybe a meditation! 
  3. A big breakfast and conversation with my family. 
  4. I like to go straight into my work. I’m most creative in the morning. 

10. When do you feel most clear?

  1. Whenever I go on a run. It’s just me and nature. 
  2. When I’m laughing with friends. 
  3. I need “me” time to clear my head. 
  4. When I’m working on something that ignites my passion.

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  • Keep your brand in mind when designing your quiz 
  • Ask interesting questions and provide valuable results 
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