Microsoft Unveils Bing with ChatGPT 3.5 

Microsoft unveils Bing with a substantial new integration with ChatGPT using ChatGPT 3.5. This version is more advanced than GPT-3, which is currently available on the Open AI site. This is a significant update directly inside Bing

The update could lead people to check out Bing again, which is great for Microsoft. Google is also expected to announce a similar integration with its own AI, Bard. 

What Will This Update to Bing with ChatGPT 3.5 Change?

Screenshot of starting page of Microsoft Bing and introducing the new update with ChatGPT

There are a few critical takeaways regarding what unveiling Bing with ChatGPT 3.5 means for content marketing. First, both developments are based on a lot of the same conversational research. The update will allow users to create content on the fly, similar to ChatGPT, but it will be more advanced and integrated. 

The integration will allow for social media posts on LinkedIn—specifically for Microsoft, which owns Linkedin. We imagine Google will do the same for other services where users can create and post content immediately. This is a game changer because written content will lose value. 

Another significant change is that even less space will be available in search results. The default view will be a ChatGPT-like view, where you’ll ask a question and get an answer. It won’t direct traffic to anybody’s links, content, or blog posts. 

The big question: What does this mean for content marketers who rely on Google and Bing traffic to get customers?

The Three Changes You Need To Make to Stay Ahead

Let’s run through three adjustments content marketers should make to stay ahead of these changes to Bing with ChatGPT 3.5. 

  1. Create video content.
  2. Make AI Tutorials.
  3. Tell stories effectively. 

Keep in mind, once the update and more advanced technology launch, we’ll see the impact of these changes quickly.

Create Video Content 

AI is a long way from creating generative videos. Generative text is already here within ChatGPT, and Google will soon release its platform with Bard. Bing is integrating ChatGPT 3.5, so that’s off the table already. We don’t think the upgrade will replace writers, but it will render generic boilerplate content useless. 

And so, content marketers should pivot to video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube shorts, Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram reels—which is precisely what we’re doing at Interact. Developers still have a way to go before AI is ready to jump into video creation. 

Make AI Tutorials 

While new AI tools are abundant, people still need to learn how to use them. Everyone is focusing on how fun and exciting these new tools are, and there’s a huge gap in the market for how-to content. People need to pay more attention to using the tools effectively, considering prompt engineering and prompt design, for example. 

Quiz creators can use ChatGPT, the Bing integration, and Google Bard to write quizzes on our Interact quiz-building platform. And we’re in the process of developing our own Interact AI Quiz Builder, which will do all of this for you. To write an effective quiz using any of these tools, users must go through a series of prompts and steps to make it actually work. 

You can’t tell an AI platform just to make a quiz, blog post, or LinkedIn post because whatever it will write by default will be super generic, formulaic, and lacking personality. You need to train the AI to be more effective, which can be a huge opportunity for your business. 

Tell Stories Effectively 

The third and final way to stay ahead of this update to Bing with Chat GPT3.5 is by telling stories effectively. No matter how advanced AI has become, you really can’t depend on it to tell a powerful story. Sure, AI can make up stories, but they’re generally dull and generic. 

Put yourself out there and tell your own story—or your clients’ stories—weaving them into your company. 

The Trifecta Summary as Microsoft unveils Bing with ChatGPT 3.5

Ideally, you can incorporate all three of the above adjustments simultaneously. For example, you could create a video teaching people how to use AI tools or just talk about AI tools because that’s what everybody wants to hear about right now. Then, weave in some personal stories to bring it all together. 

Let’s get ready for some big announcements over the next few weeks. Microsoft, Google, and even Quora have their own chat-based interfaces now. Not to mention other investments Google has made in the field. 

There will be a huge gluttony of competition very quickly. However, content marketers can effectively use these tools and stay ahead of the game by focusing on creating videos, making AI tutorials, and weaving in their own stories.

Editor’s note: This article was a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern

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