Short-Form vs. Long-Form Quiz Results

Long-form or short-form quiz results—we’re all for both! But when it comes to choosing, it depends on factors like your quiz promotion strategy, the topic you’re covering, who your audience is, and more.

Here’s the deal: InteractAI is your go-to for quick, short-form results. Our template collection has quiz results with longer-form quiz results. With our AI builder, you’ll get short-term content that leaves room for expansion; you can start with the basics and then sprinkle in more details or guide your audience to the offerings and pages you want them to explore.

Let’s first discuss the best quiz practices! 

Best Practices for Quiz Results

  1. Frame your results in a positive way. 
  2. Connect your results to the bigger picture. 
  3. Personalize your quiz and add actionable steps. 

Before we delve deeper into the three best practices, if your quiz result does not answer the initial quiz question, there is no value for your quiz-takers. Your quiz topic and your quiz results need to align perfectly. You want that “Omg, that is so me!” reaction from people taking your quiz. Once you have this taken care of, you can move on to the next three practices! 

Frame your results in a positive way: Positive results give quiz-takers hope that you can solve their problem. The results should be a source of motivation to encourage quiz-takers to take action. 

Connect your results to the bigger picture: Use your results to inspire people and show them the bigger picture. The emotional feeling they get from your quiz will create a lasting connection. 

Personalization and actionable steps: Not only do you want your quiz-takers to be satisfied with their results, but you also want them to take the (tangible) next steps. Provide personalized recommendations to show you care about solving their problems. 

When to Use Short-Form Results 

In e-commerce, short-form results shine, especially when customers already know what they’re looking for. They’re perfect for determining between different models or variations of a product. It’s best when a quiz suggests one main product without overwhelming quiz-takers with multiple recommendations; too many options can confuse them and diminish credibility. Instead of bombarding users with a surplus of product recommendations, short-form results provide clarity and help users make quick decisions.

Secondary quizzes—or micro-versions of larger quizzes—are also ideal for short-form results, particularly when targeting specific audiences within your existing customer base. By making decisions for users already familiar with your brand, short-form results maintain a personalized touch and prevent information overload. They can help narrow down the audience funnel, hooking quiz-takers who are already customers and reaffirming their preferences or decisions.

Short-form results not only validate users’ thoughts but also streamline the user journey by offering specific recommendations. After providing a concise result, you can use longer-form content in follow-up emails to introduce additional products or resources. This approach keeps users engaged and encourages further interaction without overwhelming them upfront.

When to Use Long-Form Results

Long-form results are ideal for a few quiz formats—let’s look at a quiz about candles, for example. Consider a scenario where you have a particular preference for a specific candle scent and collection. In such cases, long-form quiz results prove beneficial, especially if you’re aware that someone already favors a particular candle set. This enables you to suggest an entire line of products sharing that scent, bringing awareness to your full range of offerings, potentially boosting sales.

Another case for long-form results is they keep people on your page much longer, which can help your SEO. The longer you have traffic on your website, the better, and long-form quiz results can help you achieve that. 

You can drip bits of information about your offerings over time, including suggesting your audience look at one (or a couple) of your related blog posts, bringing even more website traffic. If SEO improvement is your goal, long-form content is the way to go! 

Why Both Are Great Options

Choosing between short-form and long-form quiz results depends on your specific quiz goals and your target audience’s preferences. Short-form results are great for providing quick, concise recommendations for quiz-takers who want immediate solutions. This type of result is especially effective when customers have an idea of what they’re looking for. 

Long-term results offer a deeper level of engagement and information. Be mindful not to provide TOO much information, which can overwhelm your audience. Long-term results are well-suited for quiz-takers who need a lot of help answering the initial question. These results keep users engaged on your website for an extended period, boosting your website’s SEO performance. 

Let’s talk about figuring out your quiz goals—what you want customers to get out of your quiz and how you will decide which type of quiz result to use. Are you aiming to drive immediate sales, educate your audience, gather data, or all of the above? By knowing your exact goal, you can better align the length of your results with your quiz. 

The great thing about making these results is that you can designate a specific amount of time to test different results. If what you’re doing isn’t working, you can change it up until you find what works best. 

You can even use both types of quiz results. Try using a main quiz with short-form results and sub-quizzes with in-depth, long-form results. 


Whether you’re going for short-form or long-form quiz results, the key is to match them with your quiz goals and what your audience likes. Keep it positive, link to the big picture, and add a personal touch with actionable steps. Remember, it’s all about experimenting to see what clicks best with your crowd. So, have fun with it, try different things, and watch those quiz-taker connections grow!

If you’re just starting your quiz journey, head on over to Interact’s AI-Powered Quiz Maker to have a quiz made for you!

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