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Want to make a Buzzfeed-Style Quiz? use Interact Quiz Builder

Buzzfeed is killing it with their quizzes. You can’t go on facebook without seeing someone who is proudly posting who their celebrity roommate should be or what kind of alcoholic beverage they are. So what is their secret? Why is it working?

1. They always tell you that you are awesome: Have you noticed that a quiz will never produce a negative result? That’s because no one wants to share that their celebrity personality is scrooge, but everyone wants to brag on facebook that their superhero personality is Thor.

Quizzes use positive feedback to make us think we are special, and that’s why they are so shareable. Who doesn’t want to share how awesome they are? That’s why social media exists right?

For example, look at this description of someone who got the Lamborghini Aventedor on the “What Car Should You Actually Have” quiz (don’t click that link, it’s a deathtrap to your productivity)

The short description of a person who drives the Lamborghini practically makes me sound like the greatest person ever, it’s a lesson in how to write persuasively.


2. They are not accurate: In fact, it doesn’t really matter if quizzes are accurate, you will still share the results. This is a screenshot of how quiz scoring looks before it’s turned into a nice format. It’s a rough estimate at best.

The trick here is that every result is broad enough to appear as if it fits you. For example, for a personality assessment, it might say something like “You sometimes like to be the life of the party, but then you also need your alone time” Who does this not apply to? Very few.

Check out this description for a person who got the Chevy Silverado on the car personality quiz. It does not mention any specific character traits. Rather, it opts to say things like “Hell Yeah!” and “This car is perfect in any situation!”

My grandmother and my hipster friend could both get this result and have a tough time disputing its accuracy. The text in the result is so vague. Also notice that this result pumps up my ego just as much as the Lamborghini.


3. They are not original: Many of the most popular quizzes have been created time and time again and are just modern adaptations of old content. Yet, they are still more addicting than anything.

A quick search for “Car Personality Quiz” yields just over three million results, dating back to 1995.

car personality quiz

What this means:

It’s actually a lot easier to get started with quizzes than you think. Because quizzes don’t need to necessarily be original, accurate, or diagnostic, you don’t have to do the analysis that it would take to create an original, accurate, diagnostic quiz.

Realizing these three secrets is the reasoning behind why we created quiz templates. All you really need to do is pick a template that is close to what your audience is interested in and modify it to match your writing voice.

The secrets ofBuzzfeed may actually hold the key to their success. Instead of trying to be original and come up with hyper-accurate quizzes, they focused on making people feel good – and it’s working.

Also, design is a huge deal, many of the past quizzes on which the Buzzfeed car quiz is based are boring and filled with text, whereas Buzzfeed’s quiz is made almost entirely of images and gifs.

Buzzfeed quizzes are a prime example of perfecting a concept. Quizzes have existed since the beginning of the internet, but by focusing on the important aspects of shareability and not worrying about accuracy and originality, they hit the nail on the head.

Want to make a Buzzfeed-Style Quiz? use Interact Quiz Builder


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