AI (ChatGPT) Prompt Design for Blog Posts

Let’s talk about AI (ChatGPT) prompt design when using OpenAI or ChatGPT. 

First, what is prompt design? It’s what you tell AI to do for you to get an accurate response. An accurate response is content that sounds like you, written in a way you would write.

The more information, tasks, and steps you include in a singular prompt, the less accurate the content that comes back to you might be. So, you want to be short and specific for the best results. 

Let’s look at the OpenAI playground and the really specific prompts we use. Following the guidelines below, you can use AI-generated content to write a blog that sounds like words coming straight from your head that may have otherwise been hard to put on paper. 

The Outline

Let’s get started with AI (ChatGPT) prompt design by creating an outline. There is a very specific outline we’re asking for the blog today that includes an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion

Here is what it looks like in the OpenAI playground: 

image 21

Basic Blog Post Prompt Design 

Let’s take a look at the introduction highlighted in green that AI gave back to us: 

image 25

Now the body paragraph: 

image 23

And finally, the conclusion: 

image 22

Adding Specificity to Your Blog Post Prompt Design

The content sounds great, but let’s elaborate on this to take our blog to the next level. This goes back to the design of the prompts. We started with an outline; now, let’s get more specific.

This is what we asked AI to do next: 

image 26

You can see that AI produced a great paragraph about why Interact is the best. 

Now let’s put some facts in there! It’s important to back that up with a statistic, so we’ll get more specific with what we want to include in this blog. 

image 22

This is a compelling statistic as to why somebody would want to use an Interact quiz as a lead magnet, which is the purpose of our blog post. 

Now we have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. We have all the information, and now we’ve provided some statistics.

Time to title each of those sections!

In the next prompt, we’re asking AI to write a title

image 24

Final Thoughts 

As you get information back from AI, you can be more intentional with the prompts you follow up with. Your blog post will become something you’re genuinely excited about publishing and be written in your voice.

If you feel ready to embark on your AI Blog journey, check out our most recent blog posts that teach you how to use different AI platforms!

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