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The second most important thing people say they love about Interact is the social engagement we bring to the table with our quizzes and giveaways. (if you look below, you’ll see that quizzes get an insane amount of interaction).

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I get asked a lot about why Interact quizzes work on social media to engage people. I usually answer that it’s kind of a long answer, so here is the answer.

1. Quizzes play to our desire to know ourselves

Self realization is part of self actualization, which is the top item on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. As people, we really want to know who we are, and while it might seem silly to say that quizzes will help you actually understand yourself, it’s true.

How to use this on your quiz: Make your quiz title applicable to the person taking the quiz, in the form of “Which (Blank) are you?”

2. Quizzes and Assessments draw out our competitive side

Everyone is at least a little bit competitive, and quizzes challenge our competitive side – will we get the personality we think we are? will we score highly on the assessment?

3. Personality quizzes let us talk about ourselves

40% of our lives are spent talking about ourselves (source). We really like talking about ourselves, and quizzes let you do just that. Think about all of the content we produce on social media, none of it lets people talk about themselves, except quizzes.

How to use this on your quiz: Ask questions in the form of “Which of these applies to you?” with answer choices that are somewhat general but specific enough to feel relevant.

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4. Giveaways make us feel alive

It’s the reason the lotto exists. The chance that we might win something is visceral in a way that few can deny.

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