How Christy Copywriting’s Quiz Led to 20% Email List Growth in 1 Day

How did you decide on a wine-themed quiz topic as a copywriter?

Christy: Wine is about delight. It’s mysterious, engaging, and fun. There are deeper levels to reveal—just like the layers of natural talent and personality in every unique quiz-taker.

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Business owners deserve to receive actionable content that will actually make a measurable impact on their day-to-day lives. That’s why I created a wine-themed “Brand Personality” quiz that’s full of valuable insights. 

Wine uncorks limitless opportunities to pour more surprise into rewarding content, delivering an above and beyond communication strategy to every person who completes the quiz.

Being able to clearly communicate with your audience unlocks new doors, and Interact quizzes like mine can help you share practical expertise that’s perfectly tailored to each client’s archetype.

Takeaway: If you’re looking for a way to stand out in a competitive industry, take Christy’s advice and choose a fun theme. Wine may not seem related to copywriting at a first glance, but that’s what makes it so interesting!
Christy’s quiz feels more engaging and memorable than a standard brand personality quiz because of its unique theme. Before you create your quiz, determine what you want to be seen as an expert in and connect it with a dynamic theme that’s related to your favorite interest or hobby.

What was the initial strategy behind the quiz?

Christy: I collaborated with Ami from Damn Write on my quiz, and she helped immensely with clarifying the quiz strategy. Her fresh perspectives and sharp insights made it possible to create an impactful quiz that converts.

Ami: When collaborating together, Christy took care of creating the quiz results and I took care of the back-end setup. We both wanted the quiz to be a fun, engaging way for more people to interact with Christy’s brand and then, ideally, subscribe to her email list. 

Before Christy created the quiz results, we realized how important it was for the result descriptions to feel accurate and valuable to each quiz-taker, complete with tangible takeaways and fun stuff.

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The added layer of the wine theme brings more of Christy’s personality into the quiz, thanks to her personal connection to and knowledge of the different wine varietals.

Takeaway: It’s important to think about your quiz goals before you create quiz content. Do you want to create a stronger connection with your community, generate passive income, find freelancing leads, or educate your audience? No matter what your quiz is built to accomplish, make sure to create every step with your strategy in mind.

What kind of results have you seen from the quiz?

Christy: I love when quiz-takers talk about the quiz on social media or pop up in my inbox to share their experience. I wasn’t expecting that level of personal response. Beyond feeling rewarding, it has led to client referrals and meaningful new business.

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I also saw a 20% increase in my email list on the first day of launching my quiz. While that’s a wonderful number, I’ve been more interested in the unique responses I get from subscribers who go out of their way to connect after taking the quiz. 

Takeaway: When you create opportunities for impact through your quiz, your audience will be more likely to share how you’ve helped them. This is one reason why we recommend sending follow-up emails to nurture your community after the quiz. You might be surprised by what you hear when you invite others to give you feedback.

What made you decide to create quiz result landing pages for each type?

Ami: If someone takes the time to go through a quiz and exchange their email address for their result, what’s on the other side needs to be really worth it. The quiz result landing pages deliver on that promise.

Christy’s visual branding, her wine knowledge, and the beautiful imagery she provided give the results pages some pep. We also discussed the idea of creating playlists for each of the types, and Christy nailed it!

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Takeaway: We love how Christy and Ami created Spotify playlists for each result. By going above and beyond with these free resources, Christy is able to position herself as a generous creator who brings value through her custom copywriting work. 
To achieve a similar goal, think about what might surprise and delight your audience on the other side of taking your quiz. It’s your best way to make a lasting impression!

What is your favorite part of the quiz? 

Christy: I love the generosity of the quiz result landing pages. We go deep and offer clear takeaways that quiz-takers can immediately apply toward their business strategy. Here’s a landing page example of our Albariño result to see what I mean.

image6 23

Specifically, quiz-takers can expect to see: 

— Exactly what sets you apart from industry colleagues and competitors 

— Fresh email signatures tailored to you and your audience 

— A curated Spotify playlist that reflects their voice and vibe    

— Personalized advice for requesting client testimonials, developing strategic website content, and more!

Takeaway: Quiz result landing pages are a great way to add more value to your quiz! Following Christy’s example, think about how you could use landing pages to give strategic advice and add a dash of delight. Also, remember to write your quiz results in a positive and fun way so your tailored brand experience is memorable.

How did you narrow down which questions to ask your audience?

Christy & Ami: The questions were reverse-engineered based on the final result types, along with a few data-collection questions based on the information we wanted to know about each quiz-taker.

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It was important for the Q&A section to feel fun and keep each quiz-taker engaged. 

Takeaway: As you brainstorm a list of possible quiz questions, try to narrow it down to seven to ten. Then reorder them based on the journey you want to guide your quiz-takers through. 
To keep people engaged, add answer images to your quiz. 90% of the top-viewed Interact quizzes include answer images, so it’s a great way to illustrate what the question is all about!

What made you hire outside help for your quiz?

Christy: Hiring Ami allowed me to focus on writing the most rewarding (and practical!) quiz results possible, without having to spend one second on the back-end setup.

She also crafted the revealing questions that ensure quiz-takers wind up with the most helpful results based on who they are and what they do.

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Takeaway: If you’re looking for additional help on your quiz, it might be worth hiring a consultant. They can cover the tasks you aren’t as skilled in or don’t want to spend time on.
Brainstorming and strategizing with someone else will only improve your experience in building a quiz. If you want to partner with a quiz consultant, check out our list of certified Interact consultants who can help you with quiz creation, tech setup, and funnel marketing.

What is your best piece of advice for other quiz creators?

Christy: Get to know your audience before designing your quiz. Determine what they want and need and where it aligns with the best of what you have to offer. Above all, be generous with your expertise.

Ami: If you can, base the results on existing archetypes or another framework, so you’re not reinventing the wheel. We picked a handful of main personality archetypes to base the wine results on, which made the quiz creation process so much simpler. If we got stuck, there was always a personality blueprint we could return to.

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