How Pavielle’s Quiz Saw a 68% Conversion Rate

What was the purpose behind creating your quiz?

I created the quiz to provide a lot of upfront value for free while generating a large number of leads simultaneously. I was hoping for the best of both worlds: to deliver great content while generating more leads.

Before creating my Find Your Unique Path to Your Purpose quiz, I built a couple of other lead magnets to generate leads and provide valuable information, but they weren’t gaining much traction. I also wasn’t in love with them, so I didn’t promote them as often as I should have.

I already knew how much I loved taking quizzes from other business owners, so I set out to create one that my audience could enjoy and get value from. 

Find Your Unique Path to Your Purpose quiz cover
Key Takeaway: Unlike other lead magnets, quizzes provide a fun, interactive experience that makes converting on your email opt-in feel like a no-brainer for your audience. If you struggle to drive consistent leads to your email list, try a quiz, like Pavielle. As you create your quiz, consider what kind of valuable resources and content you can share with your audience to earn their trust and attention. That’s the best place to start!

Were there any problems you were hoping for the quiz to solve?

I was hoping the quiz would help repel people who weren’t my ideal clients while attracting my ideal clients and students. 

People who aren’t interested in finding their purpose will not be interested in what my quiz has to offer, and, thus, they won’t be interested in my services. My quiz does a good job of introducing the way I approach the topic of purpose, so quiz-takers can decide if my content is relevant to them or not.

What are you most looking forward when you discover your purpose quiz question
Key Takeaway: The key to creating a successful email opt-in is to generate more of the right kind of leads. Your quiz should help your audience determine if they want to learn what you have to teach. Are they in a place where they’re ready to explore your topic? Where are they currently, and where do they want to go? Knowing the answers to these important questions will give you the information you need to serve your audience well.

Why did you choose a broader quiz topic like purpose?

I wouldn’t say I chose purpose at all. It’s something I felt God calling me to do that He confirmed many times. So, to be obedient, I began to create methods to help others embark on their own personal path to purpose.

I first started with my podcast, The Purpose Collective, then moved into coaching and digital courses. The topic of purpose is what my entire business is centered around, so it made sense to build a quiz around it.

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Key Takeaway: It was smart of Pavielle to take a topic her audience was already resonating with and turn it into a quiz. If you aren’t sure which quiz topic you should choose, do some audience research! Send a survey, ask your followers, or research online to see what your audience is currently struggling with or wanting to learn more about. You’ll find your sweet spot if you can meet their needs while still fitting within your niche.

What kind of results have you received from the quiz? 

So many people have reached out to tell me how the quiz spoke to them! 

I recently launched my signature course, Positioned for Purpose Academy, and 66.7% of new students who enrolled in the course were introduced to me and my brand by the quiz. This was primarily because they responded to a Facebook ad that directed them toward my quiz.

Overall, I’ve seen an increase in my conversion rate, and I’m positive it will continue to rise. Right now, it sits at 68.5%, but I’m interested in experimenting more with the next launch.

Interact analytics showing 68% conversion rate
Key Takeaway: While there are many tangible takeaways and metrics to glean from your quiz, it’s also impactful to hear positive responses. This will help you know your audience is resonating with your quiz beyond the numbers. Quiz-takers who feel like their results are on-point will often become your most loyal customers and clients.

We love your in-depth quiz results! What was your strategy?

The results are the very first thing I created. It was more intuitive for me to write the questions and answers after I had the result types nailed down. 

Through my results, I wanted to offer insight and let quiz-takers know that I saw them. Most people want to feel seen, so I tried to ensure they knew I recognized where they are. 

Your Personal Path to Purpose is The Ride or Die Roadway result

I also wanted to provide a few actionable strategies they could implement right away. Basically, I wanted to offer great value while also introducing them to my work, which acts as a solution to the problem they want to solve.

Tips for Step one of pathway
Key Takeaway: If you want to go above and beyond with your quiz, consider creating quiz result landing pages instead of simple descriptions. This will give you room to expand on the results and explain what’s unique about each type. From there, you can recommend resources, exercises, and other activities that will help quiz-takers overcome their challenges. 

How did you decide on your nine quiz questions?

As I mentioned, I chose the questions after I created the results. That was essential to my quiz-building process!

I wanted to include a mix of fun, engaging questions and questions to help me better understand my audience. I chose to create a personality quiz, so I used the Enneagram to help me understand the four primary personalities of my target audience.

Then, I built answers to the questions based on how each specific Enneagram type in my target audience would respond to the question.

question about set of words that describe you
Key Takeaway: Like Pavielle, you can use existing quizzes and archetypes to influence your own quiz. While Pavielle used the Enneagram, other quiz creators, like Kaye Putnam, repurposed knowledge from a psychology book for her successful quiz. No matter how you create your quiz, we recommend including seven to ten quiz questions to keep it short yet powerful.

How do you use email marketing after someone becomes a subscriber from the quiz?

After someone takes my quiz, they are enrolled in an email sequence with three emails. 

My emails lightly pitch a $17 guide as a lower-priced offer, but I don’t do a lot of selling. I want to nurture my subscribers before I really start selling to them. That way, I can genuinely connect with them and give them even more value.  

I also send weekly emails on Thursdays after they complete the quiz-related emails, so my subscribers receive those until I open my course for enrollment.

Key Takeaway: While some quiz creators use their quiz emails to recommend products and services, others use email marketing to form a strong connection. This is especially common for business owners selling high-ticket consulting, coaching, or mastermind programs. Before you create your quiz, consider how you want to use your quiz follow-up email sequence

What’s your biggest piece of advice for new quiz creators?

Take your time and build quiz results that provide tons of value, making the quiz-taker feel seen. Also, make sure your quiz questions are fun!

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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