How Quinn Tempest Generated 10k+ Leads with a Quiz

Q&A with Quinn Tempest

What inspired you to create your quiz?

After leaving my full-time corporate job, I knew I needed to generate more leads to move forward with my new business, Create Your Purpose. Building my email list was important, so I decided to work with an ads strategist. 

I first offered leads who wanted to sign up for my list a free video lesson. However, this lead magnet had a higher ad cost than we had hoped. That led me to repurpose the worksheet from the video lesson into another freebie. The costs came down a little bit, but it still wasn’t enough.

Then, my social media ad strategist asked if I had thought about building a quiz since they typically have the lowest cost per lead. I took some time to think about how I could educate my audience while having meaningful conversations based on their final quiz results. That’s how the Entrepreneurial Purpose quiz was born!

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Takeaway: We love how Quinn was ready to invest in social media ads at the beginning of her business journey! While ads are not required to have a successful quiz, they can certainly help you use your quiz for market research. If you want to reach more people in a short period, social media ads might be worth the investment.

How does your quiz fit into your business?

The quiz has become my biggest lead generator by far! I’m passionate about helping female founders create more purpose and profit in their business without burning out, and this quiz is one of the main ways I accomplish this.

I see my quiz as the entry point into understanding how I define “purpose,” which I also call a person’s “entrepreneurial drive.” I don’t see purpose in the same way as others, so the quiz helps me connect with quiz-takers who want to discover and hone in their purpose.

Unlike other business owners, I don’t use the quiz for a quick-sell offer. Instead of acting as a complicated funnel, I see the introductory email sequence that follows the quiz as an educational series that prompts my audience to reflect and reimagine.

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Takeaway: While you can build an email funnel to accompany your quiz, we like how Quinn takes a different approach. By looking at your quiz as an entry to your brand, you’ll be able to teach your audience new things and give value through content. This can help you make a stronger connection with your followers before you ask for the sale.

How did you create what you call your “Purpose Profiles”?

I started dreaming up the quiz result types before any other part of my quiz. I knew I had to create interesting, creative, and engaging personas for my audience—something they could identify with immediately. I wanted people to walk away feeling proud of their result.

After some time, I created the eight personas for the quiz. I didn’t call them Purpose Profiles right away, but as the quiz evolved, so did the name.

The topic of purpose is deep, reflective, and meaningful, so every element of the quiz has to reflect that. I put a lot of time into developing the Purpose Profiles to have a similar vibe to the Enneagram and horoscopes. It’s so fun to hear what Purpose Profiles my quiz-takers identify with!

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Takeaway: While we typically recommend creating three to five quiz result types, you can develop more if you have a specific vision like Quinn. Quinn’s Purpose Profiles come with a list of strengths, power phrases, and characteristics in a quiz result landing page (like this example). You can do the same when writing your result descriptions. 

Take us behind the scenes and tell us what your quiz results have been!

I’ve been running the quiz since July 2019, and in that time, nearly 12,000 people have completed the quiz. I’ve run ads for most of this time, so that’s been instrumental in the quiz’s success.

Since my email opt-in is optional, I’m happy to say that over 7,000 of those people chose to join my email list. My completion to lead conversion rate is around 60%—which is great! Email subscribers who come from the quiz stay engaged and have boosted my open rates.

I have loved experimenting and streamlining my Facebook and Instagram ad strategy over the past couple of years. Right now, my most successful ads are with Instagram stories, which also happen to be the most cost-effective. I’m paying around $1 per lead right now, which is less than when I started.

However, I also consider the replies and thank you messages I get from my audience as success. They may not be measurable in the same way as these metrics, but it means so much to have quiz-takers tell me how they apply their entrepreneurial purpose in their work.

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Takeaway: When your email list is optional, you’ll grow it with highly interested subscribers. This warm audience will be more likely to open and engage with your email content in the future, so it’s a great step to include in your quiz. You can do this with Interact by adding a “skip this step” button.

What were the challenges you faced when creating your quiz?

The quiz-building process required a lot of deep thinking from day one. I wasn’t setting out to create a light Buzzfeed-style quiz like “Which NSYNC Band Member Are You?” I had to be strategic with every step.

I didn’t want to give people 40 questions to answer because that would be way too overwhelming. However, I wanted to have enough questions to accurately lead quiz-takers to the right Purpose Profile. Some of the questions are deeper than others, and I’m glad I included a blend of questions in the final quiz.

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I see the quiz as a tool for self-reflection, and quiz-takers get what they put into the quiz. I send a number of prompts and resources at the end of the quiz to aid in their self-discovery journey, so they don’t feel alone. The quiz isn’t meant to give a diagnosis but rather the inspiration and tools they need to understand their purpose deeply.

Another challenge has been making frequent updates to the quiz. Since I didn’t want quiz-takers to feel like they were wearing a single label, I introduced Purpose Pairings. This allows my audience to add another Purpose Profile to their original type, providing new discoveries. I’ll continue making iterations to the quiz over the years.

Takeaway: After publishing your quiz, think about how you can tweak and update it in the future. We recommend setting aside a block of time every three to six months to review your analytics and record your thoughts. This is a great time to test new strategies and find what’s working while refining what isn’t.

How does the quiz fit into your vision for your business’s future?

The quiz has become an essential tool in communicating the philosophy of my purpose-driven business. In the future, I’d love to put more emphasis on PR and pitch myself for more podcast interviews so that I can introduce the quiz to more people.

I’m also a speaker, so I plan to do more public speaking around the message of finding your entrepreneurial purpose. I’d love to be the spokesperson for purpose while using the quiz as a tool to continue each person’s unique journey.

For the next reiteration of the quiz, I want to cultivate several spotlight stories featuring people who have previously taken the quiz and can represent each Purpose Profile. It’ll be impactful for quiz-takers to see real people who have implemented what they’ve learned from the quiz, inspiring them to do the same. 

Takeaway: We love when quiz-creators commit to improving their quiz over time. While your quiz can run on autopilot, you’ll find more business opportunities by tweaking it to fit your ever-evolving business vision.

What is your best advice for new quiz-creators?

Think beyond what your quiz can do for you and focus on your audience. How can you add value to their lives and their businesses? 

Don’t create a quiz just to build a new funnel. Consider how it will fit with your brand. Create content that meets your audience members where they currently are. Inspire them to get them where they want to go.

Lastly, if you want to reach even more people with your quiz, you may want to invest in ads. You’ll learn a lot along the way. I highly recommend working with an ads strategist who can help you move forward purposefully. 

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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