How to Write a Welcome Email with AI (ChatGPT) 

We have another new ChatGPT prompt so you can learn how to write a welcome email with AI(ChaGPT)! This prompt is the latest addition to the support and service we offer to help people build out quizzes (our new AI Quiz Builder). 

This new AI prompt will help you write an email sequence for each of your unique quiz results. HubSpot says, “Email marketing is the bridge that connects businesses to customers. It’s not just about selling, it’s about building relationships, understanding customer needs, and delivering value.” 

Once you have your Interact quiz, it’s time to build the bridge to connect what you know about new subscribers with how you can support them!

Why you should send unique post-quiz emails

You can use this ChatGPT prompt to create one email for all your quiz-takers, but with the ease and speed of AI, you can make one email for each of your quiz results. The bridge you are building for a beginner subscriber will be completely different than the bridge needed for somebody more advanced when it comes to the topics you talk about.

Let’s talk about brides to put this idea into perspective. A bride planning an elegant wedding won’t connect to a brand advertising wildflowers or sunflowers—but a bride planning a wedding with a bohemian vibe would. 

Considering the above, just one template email for every quiz-taker would not work. The bride planning the formal wedding should receive the classic and elegant email result, while the “bohemian chic” bride should receive a whimsical email. 

Now, let’s create those emails using the ChatGPT prompt!

ChatGPT prompt to write a welcome email

ChatGPT Prompt: 

Now write 1 unique welcome email for each quiz outcome. The email should be inviting, friendly, with an excited tone that makes the reader feel really great about their flower choices and the flowers they’ll have at their wedding. Without being forceful, pushy, or salesy, the email should invite them to reply if they’re interested in setting up a free consultation for their 2024 wedding. 

Quick side note: While this prompt is for the wedding industry, simply swap out the language to suit your industry. This will be easier if you’ve already been using ChatGPT to build out your quiz! 

In this prompt, we ask ChatGPT to write one unique welcome email for each quiz outcome. We’re telling AI that we want to excite the quiz-taker about their result, and we’re also providing instructions for tone.

Pro Tip: If you’ve already written a quiz using AI, this is the perfect prompt to add to that same series of prompts. You won’t have to repeat your preferred tone because AI has already been writing your quiz in your tone the entire time.

Next, we want to introduce our call to action: 

Feel free to edit the text to suit your audience better. We mention that bookings are filling up quickly to create a sense of urgency, hoping to generate more replies. 

In this example, the call to action is a free consultation call—replace this with wherever you want to lead quiz-takers next. Remember, the call to action does not have to be the same for each quiz result. Since you’re sending different emails based on the different quiz results, you can give a customized call to action based on what would support them the most. 

The call to action is the value you bring to somebody with a quiz. You created a quiz to learn more about your audience—now it’s time to provide quiz-takers with helpful information, resources, and offerings based on what you know about them. You will go a long way in building a connection with your audience. 

Now it’s time for the fun part! 

Reviewing the emails from AI

Let’s read and review the emails that AI created for us. Here is the first example:

This email is for the bride with that “Classic Elegance” result. Right away, we’re reminding this bride what that result means, including why they received the result and why they should be proud of it. 

Positive reinforcement goes a long way in building a connection with your lead because it assures you understand them and their wedding aspirations. Your lead will be more likely to continue shopping with you because your company matches what they are looking for.

Let’s take a look at another example:

This bride is a “Modern Minimalist,” and the email is supportive and encouraging. 

Take a look at the below “Bohemian Chic” example. Do you notice a pattern?

This bride is free-spirited, and their creative nature will make their wedding day vibrant and unique. 

Customizing and styling your emails

Now, think about how you can design these emails so the look and feel match what the brides are looking for. You can include images in the emails, like the specific flowers recommended for each type. Take this opportunity to reflect their dream wedding back to them. 

Quiz-takers will get a clearer picture of your service or product at their wedding. You want them to be excited to purchase these flowers from you because you get them and you’ve taken the time to hear them out.

Your customized email communicates all the great things you now know about the quiz-taker and how you can help them, leading them to book that consultation call. 

For all the perfectionists out there, remember that the beauty of quizzes and digital marketing is that nothing is set in stone.

Here are all the ways to customize and optimize your email: 

  • Test out the first version of your email. 
  • Embellish the email with new language. 
  • Include follow-up emails. 
  • Include “if-then” branches.  

The possibilities are endless with a solid draft of a post-quiz welcome email. Done is better than perfect—you won’t know how your quiz or emails perform if you don’t publish them. 

Creating a Welcome Email Recap

Done is better than perfect—you won’t know how your quiz or emails perform if you don’t publish them. 

Start with one simple but unique email for each of your quiz results. Put them into your CRM and track your favorite email marketing stats as you monitor your quiz funnel. 

If you haven’t started building your quiz yet, check out our AI-Powered Quiz Maker

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