Kristin Pruis’ Secret for a 60.9% Conversion Rate

kristin pruis

Kristin Pruis is a brand and web designer with a ten-year track record of working with female founders and leaders to elevate their visual brand. She specializes in online- and service-based businesses, offering custom design services, design templates, and other digital creative products. Kristin weaves her design expertise with a deep understanding of marketing, business, and strategy, empowering her clients to multiply their money and expand their impact.

Meet Kristin Pruis, a seasoned web designer with over a decade of experience. She discovered a game-changing strategy to elevate her business—Interact quizzes. In a world with so many different kinds of lead magnets, Kristin’s quizzes emerged as the single most significant source of automated leads, outperforming the other strategies on her website.

Dive in to learn how quizzes worked their magic for Kristin’s business!

Tell me about your quiz and how it serves your business.

I currently have two quizzes, but the one I’ve been running the longest helps people figure out what website platform is best for their business. As a web designer with over ten years of experience working with various platforms, I recognize that no website platform is perfect for all businesses. 

I aim to help business owners avoid choosing a platform that doesn’t fit their business goals or design style, even if that means a different web designer would be better suited to help them. Based on their quiz results, I point them toward next steps to get started with their website.

Who is your target audience, and how are they reflected in your quiz?

For my digital products, my ideal audience is service-based business owners who are either just getting started or have been in business for one to three years. With eight questions, the quiz pinpoints the main goals for their website and their desired design aesthetic. These two key pieces of information help me understand which platform will best suit them.

You can see just how successful the results have been so far (60.9% conversion rate): 

A lot of people find me through Google search and my blog, but I also have a decent-sized Pinterest audience and a growing Instagram presence.

How did you promote your quiz? And for how long?

My quiz is evergreen. I have it featured throughout my site, including a skinny banner at the top, a pop-up, and a feature on my homepage and resources page. 

Here is a look at the homepage: 

And below is what my customers see with a pop-up: 

My quiz is my site’s main call to action (CTA), which helps me focus my marketing efforts and increases the quality of my subscribers and leads.

What led you to implement a quiz for your business? What problem has it solved?

While I have other lead magnets on my site that serve different needs and interests, a quiz was the best way to give my ideal customer a “quick win” for this specific problem. I see people on social media every day, crowdsourcing for answers to What website platform is best?, but at the end of the day, it depends on your business. 

My quiz cuts the time it takes to research different platforms by quickly matching quiz-takers to one of my recommended platforms. Also, if they take my advice, they’ll avoid using a platform that will clash with their goals or give them a huge headache.

What were some of the challenges you faced during this process that worked out or encouraged you to take a different perspective?

When I first created my quiz, I didn’t have a clear plan of what to do with my new subscribers, but I’ve since refined this and am continually optimizing what that experience looks like. I’ve created custom landing pages for each quiz result that give users a deeper understanding of why I matched them with a certain platform. 

The results landing page (shown above) is a critical step in determining whether that person continues to engage with me or purchases something from me later. I’ve also developed an email series for each quiz result that further educates quiz-takers about websites and provides other helpful resources.

How has your business evolved since your quiz?

In addition to growing my email list by the hundreds and influencing purchases in my website template shop, my quiz is also a wealth of information. The email automations I’ve set up for my quiz subscribers have one of the highest open and click rates of any of my campaigns. I can see what my quiz-takers genuinely value and use this intel to strategically develop my messaging on my website and social media. 

Here’s a look at how much my email list has grown: 

The process of creating quizzes has been so fun, and I already have a list of new quiz ideas I want to create. Since creating my first quiz, I’ve had the opportunity to help a few clients create quizzes for their websites. Having the background knowledge and experience was a huge boost of confidence and helped streamline the process. 

Honestly, most businesses will benefit from having a quiz on their website. They are an easy, fun way to increase engagement, and when done well, they can support virtually any business goal I can think of.

Final Thoughts

Kristin’s journey with Interact quizzes shows how personal connections with customers can make a big difference. It’s not just about getting leads—it’s like a secret weapon shaping her business path. With excitement in her eyes and a bunch of new quiz ideas, Kristin’s story shouts about how quizzes are handy tools in the ever-changing world of online business. 

Feeling inspired? Head over to Interact’s AI-Powered Quiz Maker to get started on your quiz!

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