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Traditional marketing involves endless hours of research. Figuring out what your customers want, who they are, and what makes them tick is most of the battle. What if your potential customers decided to tell you what they like and who they are? Attempts have been made with traditional surveys and feedback software to accomplish this, but the problem is your customers don’t enjoy filling out surveys, even if they can win a prize for doing so. You need a survey that’s fun, which is where interactive content comes into play. In a few easy steps, you can learn exactly who your customers are, and what makes them get out of bed in the morning.

Step 1: Using what you do know about your customers, determine a broad topic they are interested in. Here are some examples.

  • What’s Your Blogging Personality?
  • What’s Your Skin Type?
  • What’s Your Fitness Score?

Step 2: Ask Questions that will lead to a result. This is your chance to really learn something about visitors. For a quiz on fitness, you can ask for age, gender, workout habits, workout environment of choice, eating habits, and much much more. The best part is, quiz takers will want to answer your questions because they can learn something about themselves by doing so.

Step 3: Capture a targeted lead: Ask for an email address in return for showing the results of your quiz. 1/3 people who take quizzes like these will submit their real email address, wanting to learn more.

Step 4: Target your content: With your newly discovered statistics about your visitors, tailor your marketing and content efforts towards the people who are truly interested in your business.

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