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It only took 30 minutes for to create a quiz that has generated 65 leads. The quiz is simple, only nine questions, but it has been viewed 250 times and has a 25% conversion rate to email subscriber. Why did it work so well?

living pretty naturally



The topic was relevant and personal:

Being a natural beauty site, Living Pretty Naturally focuses on natural beauty. The quiz was aptly titled “What Kind of Natural Beauty are You?” Which resonated perfectly with the readers.

living pretty naturally quiz


The results help you:

An important aspect of any quiz is to make sure the results genuinely help solve a problem or answer a burning question. In this case, understanding where you lie in respect to naturally beauty products is important to the readers and providing a standpoint on that issue is a fulfilling resolution to the quiz.

living pretty naturally results


The Call to Action is Clear

The results make it clear that the quiz taker should click through to check out some products that are right for their personal situation. This makes it simple for the quiz taker, they don’t have to do any work to take action on the result that was just calculated for them.


The living pretty naturally quiz was successful because it connected with the audience already trafficking the site. It’s important to pick a subject that not only grabs attention, but actually informs visitors on a subject they care about. The quiz also does a ¬†great job of not letting people down by providing personalized, detailed results that have a strong but not pushy call-to-action. This quiz continues to collect leads for the site and will be the first of many interactive posts.

It's always nice to know your work is appreciated
It’s always nice to know your work is appreciated

Make your own quiz right now using Interact



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