How Perfect Grammar English Picked the Perfect Type of Quiz 

Perfect English Grammar’s quiz strategically uses a particular quiz type to engage and educate its audience. At the forefront of its website, nestled in a fixed header bar, is a quiz that not only tests users on their English grammar but also provides a unique and effective approach to self-assessment.

Read more to learn how Perfect English Grammar successfully created a scored quiz! 

Hot Quiz: What’s My English Grammar Level?

Perfect English Grammar places its quiz at the very top of its website in the fixed header bar. Before users scroll through the surplus of website content, they see clear indicators of its most important components. 

Simplifying the top-level scroll makes the website much less intimidating because once users scroll down, they can click through all sorts of content. 

The quiz appears in a translucent pop-up embedded in the website so users can always see what’s going on. 

This scored quiz consists of twenty questions that test users on their basic knowledge of English grammar. The quiz helps people self-assess and learn what they need to improve. 

When users get an answer wrong, the quiz-makers have an opportunity to explain why the answer was incorrect. They can also provide an explanation when users answer correctly. 

Perfect English Grammar chose to skip the conversion, which is the lead opt-in. On a scored quiz, the default is not to have a lead conversion because that is more geared toward personality quizzes.  

The results page notifies quiz-takers of their grammar level and provides a free guide with an email opt-in. 

The results page is straightforward and lets users know what to expect regarding the newsletter. It also lets them know they can unsubscribe at any time. 

Why We Love This Quiz

While scored quizzes don’t always have the glamor and pizazz of personality quizzes, Perfect Grammar English’s scored quiz is great because quiz-takers find out how they answered each question right away. They learn about their errors as they take the quiz instead of having to wait for their results at the end. 

Applying a scored quiz to an educational website works because it’s low-stakes and context-appropriate. We also like how other companies have used scored quizzes interestingly, like trivia and knowledge quizzes for e-commerce platforms. 

How to Pick the Perfect Quiz for Your Business

One important thing to note when choosing the best type of quiz for your business is to ask yourself: What is the best way to collect information from my customers and present it back to them so they feel better about continuing their relationship with me? 

This question is the whole point of using quizzes for lead generation and building customer relationships.

There are four types of quizzes you can build for your business: 

  1. Personality Quizzes 
  2. Product Recommendation Quizzes 
  3. Assessments 
  4. Trivia/Knowledge Tests

Trivia and knowledge tests are the most straightforward tests to build because every question has a correct answer. This was the perfect choice for Perfect English Grammar because they can quickly identify their customers’ needs and help them improve their grammar based on their score. 

Customers want solutions to their problems and to learn about themselves. The goal is to use a quiz to connect customers with what they want while boosting your business. 


Perfect Grammar English’s decision to create a scored quiz to access quiz-taker grammar is a brilliant strategy. The quiz’s immediate and transparent nature aligns directly with the educational context of the website.

Go ahead and create your free AI quiz today at! We’re happy to have created thousands of quizzes for customers through our AI platform over this last year, and we’re excited to continue to do so. 

What is the best quiz for you business?

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