How Tina Dubois Uses Two Quiz Versions to Promote Her Course

Q&A with Tina Dubois

What problem were you hoping a quiz would solve for your business?

Originally, my quiz was a promotional tool and lead magnet for one of my annual launch events. Since then, my quiz has evolved into a foundational piece of my Metaphysical School membership business! 

It’s become a pivotal tool for segmenting my new leads and delivering content to my members based on their unique areas of metaphysical interests.

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Key Takeaway: We love how Tina created her quiz as a way to promote her digital product launch and then repurposed the content to fit her evergreen membership business model.
When her goals shifted, she saved time by not creating new quiz content from scratch. Tina took elements from the first version of her quiz to create an enhanced version to fit her new goals. 
As you set goals for your quiz, think about how they may evolve and how you can continue using the quiz over time.

How did you come up with your quiz topic?

I came up with my quiz topic by working backward from what my membership business offers. I created a video course and community membership that has organized the vast topics of metaphysical knowledge into eight core subjects.

From there, I correlated a specific metaphysical archetype corresponding to two of these subjects, giving me four soul paths for members to progress through to ignite their enlightenment journeys.

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Key Takeaway: Some of the most successful quizzes use archetypes to draw people in, like brand strategist Kaye Putnam who generated $100,000+ in course revenue from her brand archetype quiz.
Tina used a similar strategy when creating her archetypes, but she made it more interesting by assessing each person’s metaphysical interests and knowledge based on their answers. 
Then, the quiz delivers what Tina calls a “soul path,” which lets quiz-takers track their personal metaphysical journey progress. This is an innovative way to show audience members how much they know while also engaging those who want to learn more.

Tell us more about your decision to preview the four archetypes on your homepage!

Rather than create a sense of mystery around the four metaphysical archetypes, I want to create curiosity about them. 

And so, I can introduce the soul paths, which are in alignment with each individual who takes the quiz. I define enlightenment as “discovering the truth about yourself, the world, and the universe,” so I use my quiz as a tool to help illuminate some of the quiz-takers’ own personal truth.

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Key Takeaway: While we typically recommend waiting until the end of your quiz to reveal the possible quiz types, Tina has a purposeful reason for revealing the types before the quiz begins. We love her thoughts on creating curiosity by sharing the potential quiz results upfront, even if it means sacrificing the element of surprise.
Since her quiz focuses on giving quiz-takers more self-knowledge, it makes sense to give a small taste of what they can discover through the quiz before they dive in. Before you make a decision for your quiz, consider your main content goals and assess what is worth revealing ahead of time. 

How do you use the quiz as a funnel for your online courses?

I’ve created email nurture sequences with customized content for each of the four metaphysical archetypes. These emails share more information about each archetype and its soul path progression, providing an opportunity to retake the quiz to receive percentage results of all four archetypes. 

I also include more information about my own journey, a PDF guide with more self-knowledge, and my School’s vision. All of the emails lead to an offer to join the membership.

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Key Takeaway: Instead of sending the same emails to every subscriber, you have a unique opportunity to send personalized content when audience members finish your quiz! Did you know that 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized experiences? This is why quizzes are such a hit with marketers!
With a quiz, you can deliver email content based on the quiz-taker’s interests, traits, habits, and any other data you collect in the quiz. Based on their results, you’ll can tailor every message to them like Tina does, making it easier to write effective emails.

You send two different versions of the quiz to your students. Tell us about this decision.

The first version of the quiz gives a single archetype result, and the second version gives a percentage result of all four archetypes. I felt it was important to offer both versions, in this order, to not run the risk of overwhelming anyone with too much information all at once.

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Version One
image8 22Version Two

The second version of the quiz is mentioned in the email opt-in form that’s shown at the end of the first quiz. That way, those who are curious to learn more about themselves and how the archetypes are intertwined can sign up to learn more.

Key Takeaway: Tina does a great job of empathizing with her audience by considering how much information they’ll want access to upfront. While some quiz-takers may want to dive deep, others might prefer to receive short-and-sweet results.
By creating two versions of the quiz, she helps both audiences receive the self-knowledge they’re looking for. Consider this strategy if you are a course creator, educator, or coach who has a lot of knowledge to share but wants to present it in a simple way.

How did you choose the visuals for your quiz?

Many of the quiz visuals were also used in my masterclass materials, so I repurposed them. The visuals were originally created to promote my masterclasses as a launch event, but they were easy to incorporate into the quiz.

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The rest of the images are symbolic to each specific archetype and the metaphysical subjects to which they correlate. They all seamlessly fit together in my quiz experience.

Key Takeaway: Can you sense a theme between all of Tina’s images? We certainly can! She uses the same colors, silhouetted styles, and galactic graphics throughout her quiz. 
By keeping her imagery consistent and cohesive, she can earn their trust and create a memorable quiz-taking experience. Think about including images and GIFs in your quiz because 90% of the top-viewed quizzes include answer images.

Was there anything about your quiz that surprised you? 

The analytics behind the quiz results! I honestly thought the overall results would come back evenly distributed between all four archetypes, but that’s NOT the case. 

Over 2,000 people have taken the quiz so far, and one archetype represents almost half of the overall results! Another archetype is incredibly rare. I’m still surprised every time I look at my results analytics!

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The overall results from my quiz also surprised me. It’s rare to find a lead magnet with a 53% conversion rate. It’s one of the reasons I decided to continue using the quiz long after my launch event.

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Key Takeaway: No matter how much you plan for success, you’ll be surprised by how much your quiz can do! By setting it up once and putting it on autopilot, you can give personal recommendations and share valuable information without adding more work to your plate.
Like Tina, you’ll also have access to real data from your audience based on their final quiz result types and how they answered each question. Keep these data points in mind when you revisit your marketing strategy and narrow down your content ideas. 

What was the best feedback you received from the quiz?

I don’t know about the best, but the most memorable was when someone responded with, “Story of my life! 🤣” when they scored 25% for all four metaphysical archetypes from the second quiz version.

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I assume she was hoping for a specific direction to pursue with her results, but I told her that her results demonstrated how balanced she is on her enlightenment journey, which is amazing. She’s been the ONLY person to share this result with me so far.

Key Takeaway: Tina was smart to turn this quiz-taker’s response into a positive! By reassuring her that she was in a well-balanced place because of her rare percentage results, Tina personally connected with her and helped her feel as unique and special as she is. 
If someone takes your quiz and receives a rare or confusing result, it’s up to you to turn it into a positive experience. That’s why we recommend writing your quiz results in a positive way that affirms quiz-takers’ strengths rather than hyper-focusing on their flaws or shortcomings.

What do you want other entrepreneurs to know about quizzes?

Quizzes are SO much more than just highly effective lead magnets! 

They can be powerful tools for connecting with your audience in their current state. Quizzes can act as a foundational piece of your business offerings, leading more people to your offers in a high-touch way.

They can also serve as a part of the transformational process for your customers, clients, and members. A good quiz will give you an incalculable return on your time investment with its versatility and longevity when you utilize it as a powerful business tool.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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