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You know the cringing feeling you get when you load up your amazing power point presentation only to realize that no one can read your blue text on a green background format? It’s embarrassing and unfortunate to have this happen, and when your quiz could reach tens of thousands of people, it’s vital to make sure your text is read-able no matter what kind of background you have.

Welcome to the Interact guide to making awesome-looking quizzes that will get you gobs of traffic (traffic not guaranteed)

The first and main thing you need is read-ability. Yes, quizzes are great fun, but you have to be able to read the questions and answers before they can be fun. That’s why we put together this super fun graphic showing the various options of font color and background color that go well together. Fun fact, black text on a light-yellow background is the most read-able format to ever exist on the face of the planet!


If you decided to scroll all the way down here, I applaud you -there’s a lot more good stuff to learn on this bottom part of the page. The next point I’d like to cover is the quiz cover (see what I did there?) here is what a quiz cover from Interact looks like.

american city

We use images on cover photos because of a study we conducted showing that images have a dramatic effect on click-throughs. Picking a cover photo boils down to this – if it adds to the cover than use it, if not, don’t use it. The example on the left asks which American City you should be living in, so it makes sense to have a picture of an American city, a generic picture of a smiling person wouldn’t have the same effect.

On to the quiz questions themselves. Much debate has been made over how questions should be set up, should they be super fun and full of life? or should be they as simple as possible in order to get quiz takers through to the finish of your quiz. What we’ve found for our awesome customers (mostly content producers, marketers, and news sites), is that its more beneficial to have people complete your quiz than to try and entertain them every step of the way.

That’s because your results are where you can present offers, get people to share your quiz, or collect leads. The job of your quiz questions is to make sure as few people leave as possible.

quiz question

This point is one that gets a lot of discussion and feedback. There is a general perception that everything must be extremely pretty and colorful to maximize the amount of people it can reach. The quiz layout we’ve chosen is very simple, which makes it work better across all devices. The one thing I would recommend is choosing a custom background color to match your site. Brand consistency is very important, and providing one set of colors across all your content, even quizzes, can help with that.

The next chronological step in your quiz is the lead capture form. This is your opportunity to stay in touch with the people who come and take your quiz, which can be amazingly valuable. We’ve created this portion to be intentionally basic, so as not to distract from the point. On this page, your words are as important as your design. The only real element that’s vital here is your logo, which reaffirms potential prospects.

email capture

Finally, let’s talk about quiz results. This is the big deal, where you get to promote sharing, amplify the reach of your quiz, or present targeted offers to quiz takers. The key here is to focus on what matters, namely the result description and image. Pick an image that’s relevant, pair it with a short result description, and you are good to go. Provide the appropriate social sharing options to reach more people.



Conclusion: Keep it simple, don’t try to do too much, match quiz style to your site. It’s tempting to create a flashy, overly dramatic quiz, but we’ve found that you want just enough flair to draw people in, but not enough to be annoying. Think about every element, and whether it’s necessary, if not than get rid of it 🙂

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