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Intro: Skilledup is an online courses site that specializes in making content that normal sites charge for completely free. They’ve created a wealth of knowledge and shared it with the world. They run off of a referral business model, meaning that they make money by helping their visitors find the right online and offline education sources to further their education beyond what Skilledup has to offer. For them, email marketing and list growth are both vital to success.

The Challenge: One of Skilledup’s best pieces of content is a guide to Microsoft Excel. If you’ve had the unfortunate privilege of dealing with Excel, you know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. That’s why the guide to using Excel on Skilledup gets thousands of organic visits every month from people looking to learn how to use the program. The only problem is that despite all those visits, the Excel guide was generating very few leads and not really returning anything despite the enormous traffic it was generating.

The Solution: To increase the number of leads generated from the Excel guide, Skilledup used an Interact quiz with lead generation enabled. What that means is that they created a quiz about Excel and connected it to their mailchimp email list and asked for quiz-takers to opt-in before showing them how they did on the quiz. What happened was incredible. In the first three months of running the quiz, it captured 1612 new email subscribers from only 3302 completions.


Solution Benefits: Beyond just adding new email subscribers to Skilledup’s database, the quiz garnered benefits of its own. Here are the top three.

  1. It gamified content: Microsoft Excel is not interesting. It’s actually the go-to reference people use when describing boring desk jobs. Adding a quiz to the guide turned some static boring content into something much more fun.
  2. It helped foster the move to social: We can’t ignore social traffic. There will come a day when Facebook and Twitter rival Google search as the top source of new leads. Quizzes are inherently share-able, and adding a quiz to the Excel Guide gave a tired piece of content new life in the social world. excel expert
  3. It didn’t change the page: The quiz did change the page, but not in any negative ways. A lot of the traffic to this particular page was coming from Google searches of people trying to find information on using Excel, and adding a quiz did not affect that. The quiz did use the content that was already part of the Excel guide to formulate questions, but it did not erase anything that was already there.

Why it worked: Skilledup turned their static content into a game, using Buzzfeed style methods. Prior to adding the quiz to the Excel manual, the page had over 10,000 words, but not one piece of interaction. All communication was one-way. Adding the quiz created a conversation mid-way through the content that made the page much more personal to every viewer.

Check out the Skilledup Excel quiz now.

To make your own Buzzfeed style quiz, head over to


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