Quiz Marketing Barrier: Email Integration

In today’s digital marketing landscape, quizzes have emerged as a powerful tool for engaging audiences and generating leads. And to fully harness the potential of quiz marketing, connecting your email marketing platform to your quiz is crucial. However, email integration is one of the leading quiz-marketing barriers that keep business owners from the finish line.

Email integration allows you to seamlessly collect and manage leads, segment your audience, and send targeted follow-up emails based on quiz results. However, despite the myriad benefits, connecting an email marketing platform to a quiz can be a significant barrier for many marketers, especially those not well-versed in email integration’s technical aspects. Moreover, marketers often struggle with finding the right balance between automation and personalization, and determining the optimal number of follow-up emails to send after a quiz.

Let’s explore the challenges and considerations in connecting your email marketing platform to your quiz. We’ll provide practical tips and insights to help you overcome these barriers!

Challenges in Email Integration with Your Quiz

The primary barrier to connecting a quiz to an email platform is the technical aspect, as people often have trouble understanding how to set up triggers, segment their audience, and send the correct results to the right people. Additionally, there is confusion about how many emails to send and how to engage with subscribers once they have opted in to the quiz (we’ll get into that in a minute).

The tech can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when comparing help documents from different sources. It can be confusing and frustrating, as people may feel lost and unsure how to proceed. Furthermore, the jargon used in the tech industry can be confusing, as different platforms may use different terms for the same concept, such as “tag,” “merge field,” or “contact field.” 

When solving this quiz marketing barrier, learning a specific path in your system and focusing on what works for you is essential. This involves understanding the terminology used by your platform and ensuring you know how to perform essential tasks, such as segmenting your audience and sending targeted emails based on quiz results. 

Taking a step-by-step approach when setting up tech integrations can help prevent confusion and ensure everything is set up correctly. By addressing these barriers and adopting a systematic approach, marketers can successfully connect their email marketing platform to their quizzes and unlock the full potential of quiz marketing.

Here are a few email marketing platforms that Interact integrates with:

quiz marketing barrier email integrations

Correlation Between Automation and Virality

Automation can help streamline marketing efforts and ensure that a business is ready for an influx of new leads. However, it is essential to balance automation and personalization. 

Going viral from day one may not always be the best outcome for your business. If you go viral, you may not have the systems and processes to serve a large audience effectively. Instead, focusing on gradually building your audience and refining marketing strategies based on your needs and preferences is more beneficial.

Bringing it back to Interact, we don’t want 10,000 people submitting our AI form right now because we don’t have the product built out—and just because we’re a software company doesn’t mean we’re different from somebody who’s creating courses or coaching programs or anything else. 

Our CEO and co-founder, Josh Haynam, emphasizes the importance of gradually developing product and building an audience rather than aiming for virality from the start. “If you go viral from Day Zero, you get a million people on your list—you don’t know how to serve them, they’re all going to turn, which is way worse because now all these people have a bad taste in their mouth about your brand. Versus, you get five a month for five months, then you get ten a month, then you get twenty a month, then you can build up all the other aspects of your business.” This highlights the importance of building a solid foundation for quiz marketing efforts before aiming for viral success.

Moreover, it is crucial to avoid wasting time and resources on building out automations that may not be right for your audience or that you may never use. Instead, focus on learning what works for your business and implementing automations that add value to your marketing efforts.

While automation can contribute to virality, it is essential to balance automation and personalization and focus on building a solid foundation for your quiz marketing efforts before aiming for viral success.

Welcome Emails for Your Email Integration with the Quiz

Determining whether you need a welcome email sequence for your quiz and how many emails to send post-quiz depends on the stage of your business and your marketing goals. For those just starting, it may be more beneficial to focus on adding people to your list and sending personalized emails to each new subscriber rather than setting up complex automated sequences. 

As your business grows and you can no longer manage personalized emails for every new subscriber, you can build more sophisticated email sequences based on quiz outcomes and other factors. The key is to ensure that your email sequences are tailored to your audience’s needs and preferences rather than creating generic content that may not resonate with them.

The point of automating an email sequence is to replicate what you would do if you had time to help every single person one-on-one. But often, after taking a course or listening to a big influencer talk about email sequences and follow-ups, people think they need to do the same thing. So they’ll create email automations from thin air, and what ends up getting created is not what the customer actually wants. 

At Interact, we’re starting over with our AI offering: there’s no automation; it’s completely manual. Somebody writes in asking for a quiz with AI, then a person on the Interact team looks at their site and emails them back confirming quiz topics and where the quiz should point someone to at the end.

How many emails are enough after the quiz?

Ultimately, the right number of emails to send post-quiz will vary for each business and audience. Testing different email frequencies and content types is crucial to determine what works best for your specific audience and marketing goals.

Sometimes that’s not sending any emails after a quiz. Yes, we said it! Don’t automate anything; instead, connect with your leads directly and send a personal email. Look at their quiz answers and results, learn about them, and check in to see what they’re actually looking for and want. 

Delight your users and focus on their needs rather than relying solely on email marketing to grow your business. 

Josh states, “The only thing that is a growing return is delighting a user, and the definition of delight is just delivering a better experience than they expected. Every single time you do that, that’s growing, that’s creating that snowball. Everything else you do is diminishing.” This highlights the importance of focusing on audience engagement and personalization in your quiz marketing efforts rather than solely relying on email sequences and automation.

In summary, the need for a welcome email sequence and the number of emails to send post-quiz depends on your business stage and marketing goals. Focus on personalization and audience engagement, and gradually build out more complex email sequences as your business grows and evolves.

Minimum Viable Quiz vs. Quiz Best Practices

In the world of quiz marketing, there is often a debate between adopting a minimum viable approach and implementing all the best practices for your quizzes. Both approaches have pros and cons, and the right choice depends on your specific goals, resources, and level of expertise.

A minimum viable approach involves setting up your quiz with the most basic features and functionalities without necessarily integrating it with your email platform right away. The easiest way to get started is by signing up for Interact AI; you’ll have your quiz written and built for you, and you can collect leads in a CSV file within your Interact account. 

The benefits of a minimum viable approach include simplicity, lower costs, and faster implementation. It’s an excellent option for those new to quiz marketing, who have limited resources, or who are looking to delight their customers by reaching out with a personal note. 

On the other hand, implementing all the best practices for your quiz involves connecting it to your email platform, setting up automated email sequences, and personalizing your follow-up communications based on quiz results. This approach maximizes the effectiveness of your quiz marketing efforts, as it allows you to nurture leads, build relationships, and drive conversions more efficiently. The downside is that this method can be more complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. In addition, if you’re not delighting your quiz leads with what they want, you may lose them as a customer forever. 

Choosing between a minimum viable approach and implementing best practices depends on your specific needs, goals, and resources. Ultimately, the key is continuously learning, adapting, and improving your quiz marketing efforts to achieve the best results.

Wrapping Up Email Integration as a Quiz Barrier

Overcoming the barriers of connecting your email marketing platform to your quizzes is essential for maximizing the potential of quiz marketing as a lead-generation and audience-engagement tool. Understanding the challenges and considerations involved in this process allows you to make informed decisions and implement effective strategies to ensure seamless and successful integration.

To help you navigate the complexities of connecting your email platform to your quizzes, we offer a wealth of resources tailored to different email platforms. These resources include step-by-step tutorials, video guides, and help documents to walk you through the entire process. Our customer support team is also available via live chat to assist you whenever you encounter difficulties or have questions about the integration process.

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