5 ways to use a quiz to captivate your TikTok audience

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok isn’t just the new kid on the block; it’s become an increasingly influential platform for modern marketers. 

While Gen Z and young Millennials were its earliest adopters, TikTok has become a cross-generational app like many of its competitors. Most TikTok creators are between the ages of 18-24, but as TikTok grows, so will the advantages of creating videos for your business.

Funny and engaging content is preferred 60% more than other types of content, showing us the power of interactive marketing. And what’s more interactive than an online quiz?

If you’ve launched your first quiz—or are in the process of doing so—and want to drive more traffic to it, TikTok marketing could be a solution. 

In this article, we’ll explore five different strategies to help you connect with more TikTok users, grow your following, and direct more people to your quiz. We’ll also share examples from influencers and quiz creators already putting each strategy into action.

5 ways to use a quiz to captivate your TikTok audience

5  ways to use  a quiz to captivate your TikTok audience

The best performing TikTok videos usually give the most entertainment value in the shortest amount of time. Unlike YouTube, you’ll want to keep your video content short and sweet.

Also, the more you post consistently on TikTok, the better. The video-centered platform rewards content creators who consistently generate highly engaging content.

Creating quiz videos around your quiz is a great way to dip your toes into TikTok, especially if it’s your first time creating a marketing video. With minimal editing and interesting content, you’ll be well on your way to captivating your TikTok audience and introducing them to your quiz funnel.

Personify your quiz types

Once you’ve created your quiz, you’ll have a collection of well-defined quiz result types at your fingertips. When someone takes your quiz, they’ll be anxiously waiting to see what their type is. How might you slightly tease this content on TikTok?

By revealing your quiz result types, you’ll be able to engage with TikTok viewers, giving them a sneak peek of your quiz. You can even go as far as personifying each type.

Tallene from PCOS Weight Loss decided to follow this approach when creating a quiz-related TikTok video. She has already created dozens of videos personifying her quiz types, showing you can repurpose content from your quiz while making it feel fresh to new audience members.

In this video from Tallene, she introduces each of the four PCOS types by acting out what they struggle with. She also includes a short list of common symptoms for each PCOS type.

If you’re worried about giving away too much information up front, don’t be. Tallene’s video is a teaser that drives more traffic to her quiz and website. It encourages viewers to take her quiz to confirm their type. 

Take a moment to consider how you might personify your quiz result types. 

Can you give them a name or perhaps choose a distinct outfit for each one? Maybe you can act out what they frequently do or say. Have fun with it! 

Use trending audio in your TikTok video

One of the best ways to ensure more TikTok users watch your video is to use trending audio. It’s better to hop on trends as soon as possible so more people can find your video.

Trending audio can be easy to find when you notice how many TikTok creators use the same audio in their videos. This is a good sign that more people will use this audio clip in the next few days or weeks.

Take this calm Lo-Fi song, for example. You’ll notice there are already 1.1 million videos featuring this audio. Surely, we can consider this a popular audio clip!

Calm LoFi song clip on TikTok

With nearly 190,000 followers, Linh of @linht.roller created a TikTok video that asks her audience a few questions about their skincare. Afterward, she shares a call to action (CTA) to take Burt’s Bees quiz to learn more.

As an influencer, Linh knows how important it is to use trending audio, so this video has the potential to reach her many followers and other users who are searching for the audio. The video has over 125,000 likes, making it a great example of using a quiz to generate more views and traffic. 

If you want to do the same, think about how you can introduce your quiz topic by asking a few thought-provoking questions and then adding the quiz link to your TikTok bio. You may even want to share your personal results like Linh did at the very end of her video.

Educate your audience on the quiz topic  

TikTok isn’t just a place for entertaining content. You can also take time to educate your audience on topics that relate to your business and quiz.

By using a variety of video clips, graphics, and text-based information, your TikTok video will succeed in teaching your audience something new and valuable. 

Health and life coach Abbie Stasior created a TikTok video that teaches women about the different phases of their hormone cycles. By leading with education, Abbie solidifies herself as an expert in this field.

She includes a CTA to take the Interact quiz in her bio and also mentions the quiz in her video. This creates messaging consistency, ensuring every viewer sees the most relevant information, whether their audio is turned on or off.

Abbie mainly uses her quiz to recommend products and programs to each quiz-taker, making it easier for them to start their health and wellness journey. 

Instead of reinventing the wheel, think about how you could repurpose existing content from your blog or marketing emails. Then you can focus on recording the best quality video knowing the content is already ironed out.

Share your personal success story 

In connection with your quiz topic, you may have a success story to share with your TikTok followers. This story can come from your personal journey, or it may even be a case study from a past client or customer.

The easiest place to start is to tell your personal story, allowing you to connect with your followers on a deeper level.

Tori from Her First 100k did this in her TikTok video, hoping to drive more traffic to her money personality quiz. She leads with one of the most effective hooks we’ve seen!

By immediately sharing that she’s saved more than enough money for retirement at just 27 years old ($30 million, to be exact), Tori shows what’s possible for other women who want to master their finances.

After delivering an enticing hook, Tori introduces who she is and talks about why taking her quiz is a great place to start learning about personal finance. This video doesn’t involve complicated filming or fancy editing, but it still makes an impact with over 90,000 likes.

Think about what kind of success story you could share in connection with your quiz. How has the topic led to transformation in your life? What do you wish you would have known earlier on in your transformation? Share it all with your audience!

Partner with a TikTok influencer

If you have a marketing budget set aside to work with influencers, add TikTok to your list! As of 2022, 36% of U.S. marketers have used TikTok as part of their influencer marketing plan.

There are a few great benefits of working with a TikTok influencer:

  • You’ll immediately increase the reach of your quiz based on the influencer’s audience
  • You’ll tap into an existing community of qualified leads 
  • You don’t have to spend as much time filming, editing, and producing video content
  • You can be selective in who you choose to represent your quiz and business

In collaboration with ASA Futurespace, Julian of @youknowitjulian created a viral TikTok video that introduced their quiz to his audience of nearly 200,000 followers. Calling himself the “CEO of CEOs,” Julian has already done the work in attracting followers interested in running businesses and advancing their careers.

Reaching beyond his own audience, Julian published a video that clearly explained the benefits and features of the ASA Futurescape quiz and directed more viewers to the quiz. Since ASA Futurescape doesn’t have a TikTok presence, it makes sense why they partnered with an influencer instead.

While this may not be where you start, it could be a viable future option as you continue to see the value of TikTok marketing.

Increasing traffic to your quiz using TikTok

No matter which TikTok quiz marketing strategy you use, you’ll be able to tap into a new audience waiting to hear more. Also, you can monitor your quiz analytics over time to see what’s working and what’s not.

Before you record your TikTok video, keep these best practices in mind:

  • Keep the edited video to 30-60 seconds when possible
  • Include a link to your quiz in your bio, along with a CTA in the bio description 
  • Invite people to take your quiz in the video description while pointing to your bio link
  • Interact with people who comment on your video and foster a sense of community
  • Film multiple versions of your video with different ideas to showcase your quiz
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously; have fun with it!

If you want to use TikTok to bring more people to your website but still need to make tweaks to your quiz before it’s ready, start by signing up for a free trial of Interact.

We’ll give you everything you need, from quiz content templates to email sequence strategies to quiz result landing page templates. Let’s get started!

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