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Facebook is the largest referrer of traffic to quizzes, followed closely by Twitter – together they combine for well over half of all quiz views. It’s important to get your strategy right and approach the social networks with due respect in order to maximize their potential.

I’ll go over some basics and best practices for sharing your quiz and setting up your quiz to be shared by visitors.

Part 1: Facebook. We are all victims of the barrage of quizzes being shared on Facebook, and now it’s time for you to get a piece of that sharing for your quiz. Quizzes that get the most shares on Facebook all have some common themes. Here they are.

Share an image (people work best). Interact quizzes will automatically be shared with an image. In a study, we found that images of people – and specifically one person, work the best for driving traffic. For interact, when you share the quiz link we will pull the cover photo and share it, and when your quiz takers share their results the image from whichever result they get will be shared. If a result doesn’t have an image, the quiz will default to sharing the cover photo.

shopping style

Personalize the text. Adding your own commentary on a quiz will help to make it not just another one of those Facebook quizzes. For example, “I don’t like quizzes, but this one was eerily accurate” with a link to take the quiz. By default with interact, your quiz takers will share their quiz results in this format “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” which is very effective at promoting your quiz.

Bonus: Embed your quiz in a custom tab. For sites that want a more permanent quiz on their Facebook page, we have another option. Using the static html app on Facebook you can embed your Interact quiz right into an app on your page. This is most effective for companies that don’t continually need content.

For example, UC Davis has a quiz on their students Facebook page titled “Which Famous Aggie are You?” that’s geared towards new students. Since new students continually filter through it’s okay to have the same quiz up for a long time.





Part 2: On Twitter. Twitter is a similar but varied beast when it comes to social sharing. People use twitter to share fleeting thoughts and since the news feed is set up in a way where new content disappears quickly you’ve got to go for more volume of shares. Here are a couple of ways to do that.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. I think we’ve all realized that quizzes are for fun and not meant to be super accurate. Let people use your quiz as a way of looking fun on Twitter. For example, when Food52 created their “Which type of cake are you?” quiz.


cake tweets


Include an image. Tweets with images get 18% more clicks. When you share your quiz for the first time you can select an image to share with it, and when people share your quiz results they can share a screenshot of their result.

most burning


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