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Make a quiz for Instapage using Interact Quiz Builder

medigo quiz inside instapage

instapage¬†makes is super easy to publish landing pages in quite literally a couple of minutes and they have some powerful tools for testing and tracking as well as lead generation. Lately I’ve seen more and more of our customers here at Interact embedding quizzes into their instapage landing pages and having really good success with them.

Thus, I thought I’d put together a short guide for how you can add a quiz into your instapage landing page.

1. Make an account with instapage and choose a template

This part’s easy, instapage makes it super simple to get set up, you can login with any of your social profiles or by email, then you just select the drag and drop option and choose a template you like, takes 30 seconds max.

instapage step 1 quiz


2. Select the HTML block and add it to your page

instapage will walk you through their product upon first creating an account, and one of the things they’ll show you is this top menu which has an option to add an HTML block to your landing page. Select this option and size it on the page.

html block


3. Grab your Interact embed code

Now you need some HTML to put in that block to make your Interact quiz appear within the page. You can make the quiz at Interact and grab the embed code from your dashboard (just copy it so you can paste it into instapage).

interact quiz embed code


4. Drop the code into your HTML block within instapage

If you double click on the HTML block that’s now on your page, it will open up to inserting text, this is where you put the embed code that we just grabbed from Interact.

adding a code block to instapage


5. Publish the page and watch the results roll in!

That’s all it takes, instapage makes it really easy to add a quiz into one of their pages, and this is an excellent way to provide a controlled, branded experience for your quiz. Get started at instapage and make a quiz at Interact

interact quiz pictured inside instapage

Make a quiz for Instapage using Interact Quiz Builder

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