What You Can Learn From the Top 7 Most Successful Lead Generating Quizzes

No matter what your online business is, you’re there to generate revenue. You know that you need people to buy your products and services, but you might struggle to find the right people to purchase. Enter one of the most effective lead magnets online.

We built Interact years ago because year after year, quizzes have shown to have some of the highest lead magnet conversion rates online. Our customers have generated hundreds of thousands of leads for their businesses, and we are here to help you do that for yours. Of course, one of the best ways to learn how to do lead generation well is by studying examples from those who are great at it.

That’s exactly what we’re doing in this post. 

We’ll discuss: 

  • What lead generation is and how it’s done across industries, highlighting the nuts and bolts for lead generating quizzes work;
  • Top examples of quizzes created by course creators and what we can learn from them; and
  • The best eCommerce quizzes and what they can teach us.

By the time we’re finished, you’ll know how the best of the best make lead generating quizzes and be able to use those strategies to help you get the leads you need to grow your business.

But first, we need to clarify what exactly lead generation means to online businesses.

What exactly is lead generation?

According to Statista, there were 4.57 billion active Internet users in April of 2020. That’s a lot of people doing stuff online. If you have an online business, that means there is a huge number of potential customers or clients for you.

But, there aren’t 4.57 billion potential customers for you. You need to make sure your leads are truly potential buyers – qualified leads – before you spend your time and energy on trying to convert them into customers.

A qualified lead is defined as a person who is a potential customer that fits your customer buyer profile, or ideal customer profile (ICP). It’s someone who’s interested in your business and your products or services solve a material challenge that they are experiencing. Not everyone that finds you online is a qualified lead. Not everyone that fills out your forms is a qualified lead and not everyone that signs up for your newsletter is a qualified lead. So who is? 

Let’s take my mom as an example. My mom is very interested in my business. She loves knowing what I’m doing and how my services help my clients, but she’s not a qualified lead. She’s a retired teacher who Googles things and uses social media. My mom has no need for the products and services that my business offers.

Then you might wonder:

  • Where do I find the people who need my goods and services?
  • How do they learn about me and my business?
  • How do I get them interested in my business and convince them to buy from me?

These are all valid questions, but I’ve got answers for you.

You need a tool that works for lead generation. A lead generating tool is something that captures the interest of your potential course buyers, convinces them to give you their email address and other relevant information, and then lets you begin a relationship with them. This can then lead to them purchasing your products or booking your services. A lead generation tool starts potential customers down the marketing funnel and moves them one step closer to becoming a paying customer. 

There are many types of opt-ins that are effective lead generating tools. Some business owners create lead magnets like e-books, printables, and workbooks that convince people to subscribe. Other business owners prefer to host webinars that provide an example of their expertise. If the webinar viewer connects with the business owner and feels that they’re getting value from the webinar, they’re more likely to buy. Still others offer mini-challenges or email courses that teach potential customers how to solve a problem.

Other businesses find that discount codes or coupons are great for lead generation. Some offer samples or trials to encourage customers to try out their products. Whereas others offer exclusive groups and benefits to encourage people who are interested to sign up.

All of these lead generation strategies offer something of value in exchange for an email address or other contact information. Whether it’s something your potential customer prints out or emails they receive or money they save, the opt-in meets a specific need and/or solves a specific problem.

What we’ve found at Interact is quizzes are also incredibly powerful lead generators. People love taking quizzes and learning from quizzes. Quizzes can give the quiz-takers insight into their personalities and provide personalized messaging for them. When people know they’re receiving information that’s unique to them, without requiring significant effort on their part, they’re likely to give their email address with little hesitation.

While customers from various industries enjoy great success generating leads with a quiz, this lead magnet method particularly attracts course creators and eCommerce businesses. When using personality quizzes and results, these businesses are able to seamlessly recommend how their products or courses fit with quiz takers’ results and their needs.

Let’s take a look at the top lead generating quizzes of course creators and how they are effectively using them.

Why course creators use lead generating quizzes

If you’ve been in the online world for a while, you’ve noticed an explosion of online courses. There’s a reason for that. Many people have figured out that you can make money online by adding valuable courses to your offerings. In fact, according to Global Market Insights, the E-Learning Market size was over $200 Billion in 2019 and is expected to continue growing by more than 8% each year through 2026. But course creators know that you can’t have a successful course without solid lead generating capabilities.

Course creators with huge followings as well as those who aren’t as well-known have been able to generate significant qualified leads from their quizzes. Their quizzes offer interesting topics that appeal to their audiences. They’re well-written and offer valuable insights to the quiz-takers. Finally, the creators use follow-up strategies that build relationships with the quiz takers, demonstrate the value of their courses, and show how they can benefit the quiz takers’ personalities.

The top 4 quizzes from course creators

We have listed the following quizzes in descending numerical order based on the number of leads each quiz generated. These quizzes follow Interact’s best practices and are great examples of successful quizzes in their niche. Please note that someone has been running these quizzes for different lengths of time, so you cannot directly compare their results to one another. All of these quizzes were created by course creators, and the leads generated by the quizzes then receive marketing emails for current and/or future courses.

What’s Your Secret Sauce? — Jenna Kutcher
88,334 Leads

There are some big names in the online world, and Jenna Kutcher is one of the biggest. Between her popular Goal Digger Podcast, over a million followers across social media platforms, and a thriving Facebook group (almost 60,000 members), this photographer turned digital marketing entrepreneur has several places that she can find qualified leads. But not every person that sees her social media posts or listens to her podcast fits as a lead for her course. Since she was a photographer before she moved into digital marketing, many people follow Kutcher for photography or lifestyle tips. 

Jenna Kutcher’s quiz focuses on the ideal customer for her courses. We have specifically designed her Secret Sauce quiz to appeal to entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

image12 30

Since she originally created it, Kutcher has generated over 88,000 qualified leads for her business. That’s a huge number of people who have taken the quiz AND given their email addresses to hear from her in the future. Through email marketing, Jenna is now able to reach these people to nurture them towards the sale of her courses. Whether they’re looking for help with their photography business or social media, Jenna has a course that can give them the help they need to grow their business.

Key takeaway: Know your ideal audience and speak to them directly.

Jenna’s quiz is specifically created for her ideal customer persona. The quiz description focuses on the specific problems this persona faces and explains the benefits that can come from taking the quiz. It says, “How to Own Your Awesome, Stand Out from the Crowd, Build a Successful Biz, and Have Fun Doing It!” While some of those statements might appeal to anyone who sees the quiz (Who doesn’t want to own their awesome??), not everyone online owns a business. It’s very clear that business owners are the intended audience for the quiz.

It’s very clear that business owners are the target of the quiz, and overlooking the benefit of standing out in a crowd is not possible. There are many businesses that offer similar services and the fear of getting lost in the crowd is very real. It’s essential that you know what makes you different. The draw of a quiz that tells your audience what sets you apart from other business owners is powerful, and it’s working for Jenna Kutcher.

Interested in learning more about Jenna’s quiz? Read How Jenna Kutcher Built a 7-Figure Business with Her Online Quiz.

What’s Your Signature Drink? – Tipsy Bartender
48,636 Leads

If you aren’t familiar with the website, Tipsy Bartender is a mixology website that teaches you how to make various types of delicious, mixed drinks. Their About page states that Tipsy Bartender is “the largest social media gathering of drink enthusiasts in the world.” With 24 million likes on their Facebook page alone, I think they’re right!

The website hosts videos and recipes for thousands of mixed drinks, and the blog is diverse with stories, reporting, and tips that relate to alcoholic drinks. Whether you’re looking for in-depth guides to different types of alcohol or themed posts of recipes for every occasion (Tax day mixed drinks? Yes, please!), the blog has it all. Tipsy Bartender even has a section on their website, where you can put in the ingredients that you have at home, and it’ll give you suggestions on what drink(s) you can make. 

Since their brand is all about mixology, their Signature Drink quiz follows the same theme. It quizzes your drink-mixing preferences and expertise, then suggests a suitable option. In the results, it gives a personality description that explains how the quiz-taker matches with the suggested drink.

In the result below, I got a Flaming Zest Rye Old Fashioned, and the description really matches my personality! 😉 With over 48,000 leads generated from the quiz, there seem to be a lot of people who agree!

image2 47 1

At the bottom of the result page, there’s a call to action button that leads directly to the sales page for the Cocktails 101 course. The pricing for the course is $47, so it’s not a huge investment for individuals that are interested in learning to mix drinks for themselves. 

Key takeaway: Give a specific call to action (CTA) with your results.

The CTA on the result page of the Tipsy Bartender quiz is very clear. After taking the quiz about mixology, it makes perfect sense to “learn how to mix cocktails like a boss.” It’s also written in a way that inspires people to click it. 

Selling a course directly from the quiz may not work for every business, but including a course with a lower price point was a great idea for Tipsy Bartender. If someone is interested in learning about their signature drink, it’s not much of a stretch to learn more from an expert.

What’s Your Core Purpose? – Amber Lilyestrom
8,276 Leads

Amber Lilyestrom is a branding strategist and business coach who focuses on helping women find their purpose and achieve their dreams for themselves and their businesses. She offers an online community, coaches multiple small-groups, holds in-person events, and hosts a podcast. She is also a course creator.

When Amber was looking for a way to introduce people to her offerings and get them into her funnel, she decided to use a quiz. She’s had excellent results! With over 8,000 relevant leads, Amber has been able to grow her own brand and business, while also helping others grow theirs. Through her coaching, people are able to get the encouragement they need to achieve their goals.

Like her business, Amber’s quiz focuses on being true to who you are and your purpose. The quiz helps you identify whether your life and business match with who you are. While the quiz questions are mostly lifestyle questions, they do an excellent job of revealing the personality that most closely matches the quiz-taker’s purpose.

image5 48

The wording she uses throughout the quiz matches with her branding and appeals to her target audience. It’s also very descriptive and can help quiz-takers visualize exactly what each answer represents. 

After they’ve completed the quiz, Amber’s quiz-takers are directed to the result page. Amber introduces the personality result that matches their purpose, but then she does something interesting.

Instead of describing the quiz results right there, she tells you that you’ll find your results in your email inbox.

image14 30

When you get to your email, you’ll see that Amber delivers on her promise! She shares what the results mean (which is a good thing since I got that I’m a “Disruptivator”), more details about the passions and challenges of your results, and podcast episodes as well as blog posts that can help this personality type out. She also provides a welcome message to her new community members.

As a follow-up to her quiz, Amber has built a funnel that develops a relationship with the quiz-takers and introduces them to her various offerings. This helps people discover which program or course would be the best match for their needs and their businesses. 

Key Takeaway: Give quality results to your quiz-takers.

Whether you choose to send them first as an email like Amber did or put them on the result page, it’s important to make sure that the results of your quiz provide value to your quiz-takers. These results are your first chance to show your educational content to prospective students. Their impressions of that content will help them decide if they’re interested in learning more from you in the future. As you’re creating your results, be sure to keep that in mind!

What’s Your Zone of Genius? – Kelly Trach
5,215 Leads

Kelly Trach is a podcast host and business coach who also offers online courses. With a background that includes starting four different businesses, she can definitely relate to the ups and downs that entrepreneurs experience. Through her podcasts, courses, and coaching, Kelly’s goal is to help individuals create “heart-centered digital businesses” to earn a full-time income within their zone of genius.

Kelly’s quiz focuses specifically on what that zone of genius is, helps quiz-takers recognize what they’re good at, and identify ways that they can monetize their strengths. The questions cover a wide range of topics from how you would act in specific situations to how you would describe yourself. Each question reveals your personality and how it can be leveraged in business.

image15 26

Kelly’s quiz questions and answer choices stay true to her brand. You’ll notice that the wording of the quiz has the same conversational tone as her website. It’s full of fun images, GIFs, and vocabulary. Her quiz-takers will enjoy taking the quiz and getting the results.

After you’ve completed the quiz, there’s an opt-in for a 5-page report with your results. You’re then taken to a tripwire page to get Kelly’s low-ticket course at a discount. Your results are sent directly to your inbox. In the report, Kelly explains what your zone of genius (personality type) is, gives you concrete ways that you can monetize skills that you have, and offers her low-ticket one more time. 

Key Takeaway: Give your quiz-takers a reason to sign up for your emails.

Kelly’s offer of a 5-page report is an excellent incentive to get people to opt-in. In her opt-in form, she clearly explains what they’re getting for signing up for her email list. They know what to expect and they’ll be excited to get it. 

By delivering the report to their inbox, she’s giving them value and an incentive to open her emails. When people see the value Kelly delivers in that first email, they’re more likely to open her future emails. It builds enthusiasm and brand loyalty in her email subscribers.

Not a course creator? Let’s look at lead generation for eCommerce businesses.

Why eCommerce business need lead generation quizzes

Similar to course creators needing people who want to buy their courses, eCommerce businesses need buyers for their products. With a current average conversion rate of 2.25%, eCommerce businesses require more visitors to their website in order to meet success in their eCommerce business.

That stat can be discouraging for eCommerce businesses, but it shouldn’t be. You just need to find other ways to get potential customers for your business! 

Enter email marketing. 

With statistics like an average return on investment (ROI) of $42 and email leading to an average of 19.8% of transactions, eCommerce businesses have to make sure that they’re making a dedicated effort to get those subscribers. And lead generating quizzes are an excellent way to move customers down the funnel .

Let’s look at some of the top eCommerce quizzes that we’ve seen at Interact.

The top 3 quizzes from eCommerce businesses

While there are a wide range of eCommerce businesses that have experienced success with their lead generating quizzes, we wanted to share 3 specific quizzes with you. These quizzes have gotten thousands of leads for their respective businesses. Since the eCommerce businesses are from very different fields, we’re confident you’ll find one that can inspire you to make your own quiz on Interact.

What’s Your Brand Cocktail? – Tonic Site Shop
25,084 Leads

Jen and Jeff of Tonic Site Shop run a successful Showit website design business. The name of their business goes back to how they came up with the idea over cocktails one night. Everything from their website names (like Amaretto Sour and Cosmopolitan) to their quiz is cocktail themed. 

And people love it! Jen shares with Interact that they have generated over $50,000 directly from their quiz. Plus, they’ve added over 25,000 subscribers to their email list. 

Every question in their quiz ties back to their cocktail theme. Some have images, while others are more business-related questions. Even those fit with the quiz theme.

image13 30

Once you’ve completed taking their quiz, you’ll get your brand cocktail. The landing page for each result is a work of art. It fits perfectly with the theme, gives personality insights for your brand, gives strategy tips that you can implement immediately, includes product recommendations from their shop, and gives an extra twist that fits with the theme.

image3 50

In the follow-up email, they include a link to your results and all of the quiz results for you to check out. There’s also a 15% off code for joining their email list. That’s how they’re able to see what sales come specifically from their quiz-takers, and it’s an excellent way to track how their quiz is working for them.

Key Takeaway: Do something extra to make your quiz stand out.

The quiz from Tonic Site Shop does several things to make it stand out, especially the fun additions to their quiz results. In each result, they include a recipe for whatever cocktail the quiz-taker got and a playlist to go with it. It’s not something that anyone expects, but it definitely makes the quiz result different from others you might have taken by adding extra value and personalization to the experience.

Screen Shot 2023 07 26 at 1.00.20 PM

While a drink recipe and music playlist may not be the best fit with your quiz, it’s a good idea to include something that makes your quiz unique.

What Body Shape Are You? – ilovejeans.com
10,389 Leads

The quiz from ilovejeans.com solves a problem that many women experience when shopping for jeans. Knowing your body shape makes this much easier! The quiz asks you questions about your body shape and your jean preferences. When you’ve completed the quiz, it tells you your body type and sends you to a page that recommends several jeans that fit your body type.

There are several things that this quiz does very well. When you first meet the quiz, the cover includes a wide range of female body types. People aren’t all built the same way and  don’t all wear the same style of jeans, and the quiz cover illustrates that. They are also consistent and carry these on-brand images throughout the quiz and the results’ pages.

quiz cover

Another thing that the quiz does well is include a wide range of products in a variety of sizes and price points. On the results’ page, you can shop regular sizes, petite sizes, plus sizes, and tall-length jeans. They also include links to jeans ranging from $28 to $189. Plus, there are different cuts and rises of jeans to match each quiz-taker’s preferences.

Key Takeaway: Make sure your quiz is highly visible to your audience.

The ilovejeans.com quiz is very visible on their website. There’s a link in an announcement bar at the top of the homepage. They include a link in the sidebar for people who scroll past the top. There’s a pop-up for new visitors that appears after someone has scrolled down the page. The quiz is also promoted on social media, so it gets a lot of visibility and potential leads.

What’s Your Coffee Personality? – BeanBox
4,866 Leads

BeanBox is an online coffee subscription and gift eCommerce site. On their website, you can sign up for regular delivery of coffee beans from the “world’s best artisan roasters.” Whether you prefer ground coffee or whole beans, they have a wide variety of blends from all over the world.

With all those choices, finding the right one might feel overwhelming. So, they made a quiz to personalize the experience and help you choose the right coffee beans for you. After you’ve discovered your coffee personality, they recommend specific products that fit with your preferences. 

image8 45

Every question focuses on your preferences for how you take your coffee, your preferred method of brewing coffee, and what flavors you like in your coffee. It is truly a quiz for those people who LOVE coffee!

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’re taken to your results. In the results, BeanBox tells you what flavors you prefer in your coffee, a roast recommendation, and what regions are best known for producing coffee beans that match your preference. They also include a CTA to buy a coffee starter kit for $5. It’s an excellent next step, and including free shipping and no obligation makes it very low-risk for quiz-takers.

Key takeaway: Include relevant images in your quiz.

The BeanBox quiz is packed full of amazing coffee-related images. Their attention to detail in the images they include are extremely impressive and speak to their expertise on coffee.

image11 33

While your quiz might not be as specifically themed as the BeanBox quiz, you should try to include images in your quiz. You don’t need them for every answer choice or even all the questions, but images improve the experience for quiz-takers. Using stock images is an excellent way to add variety and interest to your quiz.

Summing it all up

If you’re looking for ways to attract new email subscribers for your business, a quiz is a powerful tool. By examining 7 top examples of lead generating quizzes from course creators and eCommerce businesses, we’ve highlighted best practices for your quiz. 

To recap, those are: 

  • Know your ideal audience and speak to them directly.
  • Give a specific call to action with your results.
  • Give quality results to your quiz-takers.
  • Give your quiz-takers a reason to sign up for your emails.
  • Do something extra to make your quiz stand out.
  • Make sure your quiz is highly visible to your audience.
  • Include relevant images in your quiz.

Using these tips, you’re now ready to make a powerful lead generation quiz of your own! 

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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