How Emily Jeffords Grew Her List by 800+ Subscribers in 6 Months

What problems were you hoping to solve with your quiz?

Our target audience for The Collective membership is a wonderfully diverse group of creatives. We built our quiz as a way to easily determine where they fall along the “Artist’s Path to Success.”

By categorizing our potential members into five unique quiz result types, we gain better insight into our audience, while they gain personal insights based on their creative type.

Currently, our five types are:

  • Aspiring Artist
  • Emerging Artist
  • Pioneering Artist
  • Aficionado
  • Creative Maven 
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Key Takeaway: When quiz-takers understand where they currently are, you have a better chance of helping them get to where they want to go. Since your quiz is the first step in making this journey possible, it’s best to determine what your quiz result types are early on in the quiz-building process
Because she already defined the five Artist Path result types, Emily can reference them in her marketing as she directs more creatives to her main offer. You can use the same strategy when creating your personality quiz.

What goals were you hoping to accomplish with the quiz?

Our goal is to drive inspiration, empower each creative, and ultimately invite them to join The Collective. By using the quiz to determine where each creative stands in their artistic journey, we can provide a more personalized educational experience through our emails. 

We focus our content on offering clarity and adding a unique perspective. Then, we can guide users to their immediate next steps. Since the typical artistic journey is full of twists and turns, this quiz helps our audience self-identify where they currently are.

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Key Takeaway: With a series of 10 carefully curated quiz questions, Emily helps her audience gain insight into their goals and progress as artists. Even though there’s a well-defined strategy behind the quiz, quiz-takers still find it fun and delightful. To accomplish this, create a list of personality-focused quiz questions and include answer options that relate to your final quiz result types.

What metrics or results have you seen after launching your quiz?

We’re thrilled to see that many of our community members actively use the quiz and engage with the results page. The quiz offers our community—and other members of the broader community—clarity, which is so life-giving. 

We also generated over 800 leads in just six months

Since then, we have updated the imagery and look of the quiz. When relaunching the quiz in 2021, we saw that 89.7% of people who took the quiz opted in for our email list!

image2 17

Image shows results from Emily’s quiz between Aug 13, 2021 and Oct 20, 2021

How did you come up with the “success path” for professional artists?

Many artists move through similar phases in their career—from discovering new interests to selling their work to growing a business around their art. As a professional artist and educator, I’ve been able to not only walk this path myself but also mentor thousands of other artists along their own path. 

The Artist’s Path to Success was first created as a free booklet that walks through each step. It offers insight, next steps, book recommendations, and different ways to move forward in sustaining a creative career. It seemed natural to create a quiz around the same Artist’s Path.

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Key Takeaway: Are there resources you’ve already created that you can repurpose into a quiz? It was easier for Emily to create a quiz because she had previously written an e-book that outlined the same methodology. You could even put a spin on resources or personality types that already exist, like quiz-creator Kaye Putnam. Get creative with this!

As a fine artist, you have an eye for stunning imagery! Tell us about the visual strategy behind your quiz. 

Emily Jeffords Studio exists to bring deep belonging through beauty in artwork and education. Our hope is that everything we create is anchored by this mission and distilled down into compact words, phrases, and personas.

Our brand colors are organic and earthy, rooted in my sourcing of natural pigments. Photography is also a critical part of the brand. We choose elements that help our audience stay focused and grounded. Each image in the quiz was thoughtfully selected to represent these brand attributes.

image3 18
Key Takeaway: The images Emily uses transports quiz-takers to an ideal world, filled with natural and creative elements that delight the senses. We love the way she uses photography. Her quiz is an example of how to effectively make your quiz stand out from others in your industry. You can create the same feeling with your own brand photography, stock images, custom-designed graphics, or GIFs.

What is your favorite aspect of the quiz? 

The intentional generosity of the quiz sets it apart. Even if our audience doesn’t join The Collective right away, we hope they walk away feeling empowered and inspired after reading through their result page

By helping them identify where they are as artists, we remind them of the progress they’ve already made and just how close they are to building the creative businesses of their dreams.

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Key Takeaway: Your result descriptions should feel generous. Like Emily, you can create quiz result landing pages that go beyond the basics, making a lasting impression on your audience. Make sure to include valuable information even before you send your follow-up email sequence. You can do this by adding tips, advice, resource recommendations, and more.

What is your best advice for new quiz-creators? 

Interact’s design features allowed us to design a quiz using visual elements consistent with our brand. Visual consistency goes a long way in creating recognizable and effective marketing.

We recently updated our quiz to lead creatives to custom landing pages using the redirect feature and are happy to provide our audience with results that are custom-built, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. We recommend that new quiz-creators follow a similar trajectory. 

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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