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One thing’s for sure: recruiting is difficult. Especially nowadays. Combine the “Great Resignation” with the slew of workplace changes that have taken place over the years, and you’ve got a job market that can feel, well… a bit dry.

The recruitment process involves getting to know your candidates so you can source, attract, and retain the best people for your business. It can get tricky. 

Using a quiz is an excellent way to find the best possible candidates to work for your company. With a recruiting quiz, you can find out: 

  • A candidate’s personality traits 
  • How much they know about a particular field or industry 
  • Whether or not they’d be a good culture fit 
  • Their level of commitment 

…and so much more! 

Using a quiz means you’ll not only save time sifting through candidates, but you’ll also save the time of your potential employees. 


When a potential hire takes your recruitment quiz, they’ll learn more about your business and decide if it’s even a good fit for them. If it isn’t, no sweat off your back, and if it is, you can look forward to receiving a resume from someone invested in your company’s success. 

If you’re a business that’s looking for successful candidates for the onboarding process, keep reading! In this article, I’ll discuss topics like: 

Let’s dive in, shall we?!

What is a recruiting quiz? 

A recruiting quiz will give you insight into your potential hiring pool. It will help you answer questions like, Is this person a good fit for my business? and What am I really looking for in an ideal candidate? On top of that, it will give you a chance to draw your audience into the story of what your company is all about. 

In any industry, standing out among your competitors can be challenging. Whether you’re trying to grow your email list, attract new clients, or segment your leads, finding the right way to fuel your organic growth engine is key!

Using a recruiting quiz is a fantastic way to appeal to a larger audience while showing them that you are invested in them as potential employees. 

Check out this video of our CEO, Josh Haynam, as he dives into the ins and outs of building a successful recruiting quiz. 

Why create a recruiting quiz? 

The real question here is, Why wouldn’t you create a recruiting quiz?! Okay, maybe I’m a bit biased, but there are so many reasons why creating a quiz can benefit just about any business. Benefits like: 

And in this case, a recruiting quiz will help you attract the next perfect-fit employee for your business. 

The beauty of a recruiting quiz is that it turns the focus toward the person taking it, rather than being all about your place of employment. For example: let’s say someone is perusing a company website for a job. They may find themselves scouring the company’s job postings and applying to all of them, without pausing to consider if the jobs are actually right for them. When interview time rolls around and they learn more about the role, they might decide that it’s not a good fit. 

Kind of a waste of time for you and the candidate, right? 

With a quiz, the focus is turned toward the one taking it. And let’s be real—that’s a heck of a lot more interesting for your audience than just choosing from a list of jobs.

On top of that, a recruiting quiz will help you (the employer) generate high-quality leads that you can eventually draw upon for a potential hiring pool. You’ll be able to seamlessly pick through the pile, having had more insight into your quiz-taker’s traits, values, and performance patterns (or anything else you choose to include in your quiz.) 

How to make your recruiting quiz experiential and level up

So, now that you know how a recruiting quiz can help your business, let’s look at how you can make the most out of your quiz-taker’s experience. 

Experiential marketing makes your brand memorable for your target audience. You’re giving them insight into what your business is all about through tangible experiences they will remember. Typically this happens through events and campaigns, but it’s also possible with a quiz! 

When writing a memorable and experiential recruiting quiz, it’s important to lay it out like a story. 


Well, you want to attract the right people! When you build out your quiz like a story, you show your audience what it might be like to work for you, making them that much more likely to apply. Conversely, they can move on if it’s not shaping up to fit their needs. 

When making your quiz experiential, consider how you can increase the end user’s perception of your brand or business. Think of this like character development: by building the character of your business through your quiz, you’re building trust with your audience. Creating an engaging quiz will make them more likely to go from a passive quiz-taker to an active participant—and likely a future employee! 

So, how do you power up the experiential aspect of your recruiting quiz?

Here are a few different ways to character build inside your quiz:

  • Get creative with images and GIFS: Using imagery that’s aligned with your business will not only make your content more engaging, but it will also give your audience a deeper visual into what working for you could feel like.
  • Custom branding: Our Growth Plan allows users to white-label their quiz. You can replace the Interact logo with your unique branding collateral, which will ensure that your brand’s image stays with them! 
  • Send a value-packed follow-up email: Chances are, if someone’s taken the time to complete your quiz, they’ll sign up for your email list! They’re considering your business and have an understanding of what it’s all about. Emailing updates with tips and tricks or upcoming job openings will keep you top of mind for potential hires. 
  • Leverage your results pages: It’s safe to assume your audience is engaged if they’ve made it to the results. Here’s where you can give all the fine details of which job may benefit them. And don’t hold back—an effective recruiting results page should include everything from the job description, salary expectations, employee perks and benefits, and beyond.

Now that you have some insight into recruiting quizzes, it’s time to make one yourself! 

How to make a recruiting quiz with Interact 

Pick a topic

First thing first: when building a recruiting quiz, you need to decide on your topic! In this case, you’ll want to position your quiz title to include your audience. 

For example: Is Sugar Bowl the right place for you to work? 

The title gets your audience to question if Sugar Bowl is a good fit for them. It’s clear that by the end of the quiz, they’ll have learned a little bit more about the business and be able to decide on future employment. 

Hot tip: Keep your title short, sweet, and to the point! The least amount of hoops to jump through, the better!

Next up, make your results!

Once you’ve got your title, I recommend writing your results first. Your results will determine the direction of your quiz, and your questions will typically flow pretty seamlessly from there. 

If starting a quiz from scratch feels like a lot, check out our Quiz Templates in the Interact builder. All you have to do is select the closest related industry and browse away! Working from a template can be super helpful and give you a foundation to work from. 

When writing your results, consider the staff roles you want to fill. Include a few key traits to leave your quiz-taker feeling seen and validated inside their choices. 

Once your quiz-taker knows a little about their results and how they can benefit, they’ll be more enticed to move forward with an application. 

You can add value to your results page by including free resources, information about your company culture, benefits packages, or anything else you’d like your quiz-taker to know! 

Want to learn more about what it takes to create effective results for your recruiting quiz? Check out this section of The Quiz Course

Write your recruitment questions 

Now that you have your results, it’s time to write those questions! The best way to write good questions is by putting yourself in your audience’s shoes. Make your questions relatable, engaging, situational, and easy to understand. 

Remember, this is your quiz-taker’s chance to feel connected to your company. It’s also your chance to show them what it might be like to work for you. Make sure your questions dig deep into your audience’s strengths, weaknesses, desires, and personality traits. The more you can learn about your audience, the more informed you’ll be about whether they’re a good fit. 

When creating questions for your recruiting quiz, include a healthy combination of practical questions (related to the job) and fun and engaging ones that will help build out your business’s storyline! 

Feeling stumped on where to start with your questions? Check out this list of career quiz questions to get the inspiration flowing. And don’t forget to lean on the Quiz Course to help jump-start the process. 

All right, now that you have your questions, it’s time to create your opt-in form! 

Add your opt-in form

Your opt-in form is the cherry on top of your recruiting quiz. It’s like saying to your audience, You’ve made it this far, but it’s only the beginning!

Your opt-in form invites quiz-takers to join your email list to receive content and updates about job opportunities. 

It’s also a gateway for you to: 

  • Build rapport with potential employees
  • Promote your business and upcoming postings
  • Offer more value through useful content
  • Build and maintain a high-quality hiring pool 

To create an email opt-in, simply head to your quiz and toggle on the Lead Generation button.

From here, select what contact fields you need on your form. You can also choose to let quiz-takers skip your opt-in form. Now, all that’s left is integrating it with your current email marketing platform, and you’re good to go! 

And remember, if you need support, you can find it all in The Quiz Course.

Hot tips

You did it! You’ve created your recruiting quiz and are well on your way to hiring success. 

Remember, you want to keep the story alive when creating your quiz. Give your audience a story arc structure that builds your business’s character so they understand what you’re about. By the end, your audience should feel clear on whether or not they’re a fit, and hopefully, they’ll be enticed to apply! When writing your recruiting quiz, keep these hot tips in your back pocket: 

  • Check out the branching logic feature. Looking to make your quiz with conditional logic? Scratching your head over what that means? Conditional logic is when quiz-takers are guided to different questions based on how they answered the previous one. This type of logic can also be highly beneficial when segmenting future candidates for your company. 
  • Make it memorable! Remember, first impressions matter. Images speak volumes, so use images and GIFS that your audience will find exciting, inspiring them to learn more about your business.
  • Use those calls to action! By the time your quiz-taker has taken your quiz, they should be primed and ready to take action. Direct your audience to a specific place, whether it’s signing up for your emails, browsing current career opportunities, or learning more about what your company has to offer.

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