Interact Quiz Case Study: 7,000 New Subscribers in 5 Months

Check out how Leisa Peterson was able to get 7000 new subscribers in 5 months. Find out how it could work for your business!

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Today we have the privilege to hear from Leisa Peterson from, she created this quiz and in just 5 short months it’s generated 7,000 new subscribers for her business (prior to the quiz she had 2,000 total). Let’s check out her story.

What problem does Interact help solve for your business?

I wanted to grow my email list from 2000 to 10,000 within 6 months.

How much time/money did it take to get up and running?

My biggest investment was time into the creation of the 7 different email sequences I wanted to create in response to the quiz answer — my quiz is about chakras and money and so there are 7 possible outcomes from the quiz which asks people to answer 9 questions and then receive a response telling them which of their chakras is out of balance when it comes to money.

What did it take to get the quiz implemented?

The quiz was by far the easiest part of the process — I built the quiz in a total of two hours and I loved the ease of use and set up.

What outcomes did you get from the quiz? leads? sales?)

I have had over 10,000 people take the quiz between May and September — which netted me about 7,000 new email addresses and it continues to grow my email list on a daily basis as the quiz just keeps on performing with stellar results through Facebook marketing. I’ve spent about $3000 over that time on Facebook ads to get to that number of email subscribers. I have received several leads from the quiz and a few small sales as a result — this is the area that I need to work on going forward and that is the next part of my journey!

Thank you Josh and the team and Interact, the quiz system you created is amazing and is helping me grow my business leaps and bounds.

Want to make your own quiz? use Interact Quiz Builder

Make a Quiz to Grow Your Subscriber List Now!