30 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their Secrets to Building a Lead Generating Quiz

Sometimes we don’t know what’s possible until we see someone else who has already achieved what we’ve been dreaming about.

You might not know it’s possible to create an online quiz that generates over $50,000 to $100,000 in added revenue, but Kaye Putnam, Jenna Kutcher, Primally Pure, TONIC Site Shop, Anna David, and Chanti Zak do.

Others have used their Interact quizzes to build their email lists with thousands of new subscribers and generate thousands of dollars in project sales.

While each lead generating quiz is unique, they all have one thing in common: they were built with the right tools and backed by a winning strategy.

If you’ve ever wanted to take a peek “behind the hood” of some of the most successful quizzes on the market, this is your chance.

In this roundup, you’ll hear exactly HOW each featured Interact quiz creator achieved their business goals with an interactive quiz and their best advice for first-time quiz creators.

You can read through this roundup from beginning to end (which we totally recommend!), or jump to the section that best fits your online business:

Some of our featured quiz creators launched their lead generating quiz two years ago.

Others have only had their quizzes up for two weeks.

No matter how long they’ve been using quizzes to grow their email list and generate new leads for their business, they all have unique tips and suggestions to share with you.

Let’s dive in!

Service providers and freelancers

The biggest challenge service providers face is generating quality leads with as little time and effort as possible. Since the time service providers spend working on projects is directly tied to their income, it’s important for them to use automation tools in order to wear less hats in their business and reduce their to-do list. Enter in quiz marketing funnels.

With a lead generating quiz, service providers and freelancers can set aside time upfront to create their quiz and know it will run on its own once they launch it. If you have the right strategy, a quiz can do the selling for you, positioning you as the right person for client leads to work with. It makes sales calls a breeze because people will already know they want to work with you.

Here are some of the major success stories we’ve seen from service providers:

  • Generating $4,000 to $50,000 in client project leads that come from their quizzes
  • Over 50% of sales conversions come directly from the quiz
  • Generating $60,000 in additional revenue beyond client projects
  • …and more!

Are you looking for a hands-off way to connect with potential clients and sell your services? See how other service providers and freelancers have done this by reading their stories and advice.

(Psst… you can keep reading or jump to the service provider of your choice by clicking on their links: Chanti Zak, Jen Olmstead, Anna David, Elizabeth McCravy, Christy Copywriting, Sibila Ribeiro, Erika Holmes, Kristen Fulchi, Chanteuse Marie, Wild Fleurette, and Kayla Dean)

Chanti Zak, Quiz Funnel Strategist

While helping some of the biggest names in online marketing with their lead generation quizzes—like Jenna Kutcher and TONIC Site Shop—strategist and copywriter Chanti Zak has found success with her own brand’s quiz as well. And get this: her quiz is based on helping other people find what quiz type is perfect for their business!

quiz cover for what kind of quiz should you create to scale your online business?

With her simple quiz title What Type of Quiz Should You Create for Your Online Biz?, she infuses the concert theme of her website into every part of her quiz. Using her consistent brand voice in the quiz description and call-to-action (CTA) button, she’s able to attract attention from first-time website visitors and turn them into subscribers with her quiz.

Even though she’s only used the quiz to collect leads for less than a year, Chanti has already doubled her email list growth. The quiz also proves how much she knows about quiz marketing funnels, helping her land more quiz copywriting clients. She uses the quiz to sell more 1:1 packages AND it helps her attract people who are a perfect fit for her programs.

While those wins are incredible, you’ll want to read the section below to see what her biggest win has been. We have a feeling you’ll want to listen to her advice after you hear how much revenue she’s generated with her quiz!

woman with brown hair wearing a hat and smiling at the camera
Biggest win: Generating over $60,000 in additional revenue solely from the quiz in less than one year – WOW!
Biggest piece of advice
“Quizzes are fun but that’s not why you’re creating one, right? You’re building a lead gen quiz because you believe it’ll help you grow your biz! If that sounds accurate, the best advice I can give you is to start with the end in mind.
What I mean by that is before coming up with your quiz strategy, ask yourself what your end goal is. Do you want to sell more 1:1 coaching spots? Fill a specific group program? Get clear on your end game and then work backward.
Your results should speak to the different types of people who would be a perfect fit for your program or service.
Remember, you’re always selling (yep, even when you’re giving your peeps something for free!) — start seeding the idea that you’ve got the solutions your audience needs early on, and you’ll find yourself with a lush collection of qualified leads who know, like, and trust you before you know it.” – Chanti
Build your own online quiz with Interact like Chanti!

Jen Olmstead of TONIC Site Shop

Always looking for innovative ways to delight her customers and sell more customizable website templates, designer Jen Olmstead from TONIC Site Shop decided to create a brand cocktail-themed quiz somewhat on a whim. Luckily for her, it’s totally paid off! (Just scroll to her biggest win to see what we mean.)

quiz cover from What's your brand cocktail quiz

Everything from the quiz content to the stock photos to the quiz result landing pages involves the cocktail theme. The quiz written in such a smart and unique way, creating a shopping experience that is equal parts enjoyable and helpful. 

Launching the quiz at 3 a.m. the night before her new website template collection launch (which she, of course, doesn’t recommend), she didn’t know what to expect from the quiz. She certainly didn’t expect to generate over $50,000 in template sales from it!

Read Jen’s best tips for new quiz content creators and dig into her quiz case study if you’re interested in learning more about how her quiz became such a big success.

woman in a blazer laughing
Biggest win: Generating over $50,000 in website template sales from the quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
“When quizzes are created from a place of intention, they will help your potential clients identify what fits their brand, all while giving you an idea of the types of businesses they’re running, how long they’ve been in their field, how interested they might be in your products, what kind of Instagram content they respond to, and more… hello, data!
When it came to determining the number of questions and personality results, we knew we wanted the quiz to feel fun, quick, and easy. We didn’t want them to feel like it was homework to take the quiz and utilize the results. We used a mix of photos and fun questions, plus a few more business-focused ones, and kept the questions well under 15. Remember to keep your quiz fun but still create it as a useful tool for your potential clients!” – Jen

Anna David, Publisher

Anna David, a New York Times bestselling author and well-known publisher, uses an Interact assessment quiz on her website’s homepage to help others determine if writing a book is the best move for their business. By answering a set of intentional questions, quiz takers can self-select what path is the best fit for them.

could a book help your business? quiz cover with books on a table

After writing eight books (with many of them being traditionally published), Anna is an expert in her field and uses the quiz to solidify her expertise. People who take the quiz can trust her recommendations and suggestions because she knows so much about the publishing industry. 

When someone takes her quiz, all they need to do is answer less than ten yes/no questions to receive their results. At the end, they’ll be taken to a custom landing page with a reminder to check their email for the full results while watching a personal video from Anna.

From start to finish, the quiz is simple and streamlined so people can quickly figure out if they should write a book. If you want to create a similar experience with your lead generating quiz, Anna shares some great advice below.

headshot of a woman with brown hair wearing a white tank top
Biggest win: Signing a huge $50,000 client because she filled out the quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Make your quiz fun, and make it inspiring. Pack it with questions that will allow the quiz taker to envision the life they want or the dream they have fulfilled.
They’re taking your quiz because they want something you offer. So, show them that thing through your questions.” – Anna
Make your own assessment quiz with an Interact account like Anna!

Elizabeth McCravy, Website Designer

As a Showit website designer, Elizabeth McCravy understands the importance of making an impression when a visitor lands on your website for the first time. Since this is her specialty, it won’t be a surprise that she features her very own What is Your Website Personality? quiz on her homepage. 

quiz cover for website personality quiz

In order to help her quiz stand out, she designed custom graphics, wrote fun quiz questions, and used stock images in some of her answers. The quiz uses a nice blend of fun and personal questions along with intentional questions that are tied to a specific quiz result through her quiz logic.

After using her lead generating quiz for a year and a half, she has more than doubled her email list growth. It consistently outperforms other lead magnets on her website, and she loves working with website clients to create their own lead generation quizzes.

In her 10-day email sales funnel, she has seen a 49% average open rate over all seven emails and most of her website template sales come from people in this funnel. Want to create your own quiz marketing funnel? Elizabeth shares her tips below to help you get started.

woman with long brown hair laughing in front of a pink flowering bush
Biggest win: Over HALF of her customers this year took the quiz and went through her email sequence and sales funnel before buying!
Biggest piece of advice
Be strategic about what happens AFTER someone takes your quiz! After the quiz is where the magic happens. Always have follow-up emails that pitch the audience on your irresistible offer.
In my email funnel after the quiz, I like to have at least one email that hits each of these objectives: (1) present the problem, (2) present the solution (which is my offer), (3) counter objections/hesitations, (4) present unique selling features, and (5) share success stories.
Use this formula over about a 10-day spread, and you’ll be blown away by the results! Don’t just give them a quiz and then add them to your weekly emails. Your quiz audience is likely ready to buy, so tell them what they need to know in order to make a buying decision! And always remember that people don’t buy products and services; they buy results. Show them what success looks like with your offer!” – Elizabeth
Create a quiz marketing funnel with Interact like Elizabeth!

Christy of Christy Copywriting

In collaboration with fellow copywriter Ami of Damn Write, Christy of Christy Copywriting created a fun personality quiz that helps her audience “uncork” their personality by giving them a brand flavor profile. After just four months, her quiz has become the biggest lead generator for her business and online copywriting template shop!

images of five types of wine for wine personality quiz

With five potential quiz result options, she uses different types of wine to connect with her audience in a personal way. The same wine theme is carried over to her follow-up email sequence which is personalized to each type after someone takes the quiz. 

With beautiful imagery and personality-infused questions, this quiz is as delightful to take as it is to learn from. Learn how Christy made a splash with her quiz and what she’s done to make it unique (with everything from Spotify playlists to signature email sign-offs) by reading her advice below.

smiling woman in front of baskets on the wall
Biggest win: 20% email list growth in the first day of launching her quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Tip 1: ASK YOUR AUDIENCE ABOUT THEIR CHALLENGESUsing an Interact quiz is the BEST way to learn about your audience! Uncovering insights allows you to identify common challenges among those you’re seeking to attract, speak their exact language, and tailor your services to best meet their needs. How cool is that?!
Tip 2: SHARE QUICK WINSDon’t be afraid to go over-the-top with value. Bust out your expertise with actionable tips folks can immediately implement for quick wins that spark goodwill and excitement among your audience to earn their trust and build on that positive momentum. For example, we came up with a creative collection of email sign-offs for each of our brand personality results for a copy/paste solution that led to more people looking to Christy Copywriting for practical email advice.
Tip 3: UNLOCK SURPRISESSurprise your audience with fun details! In our case, curating a Spotify playlist for every brand personality result led to hundreds of folks listening to our playlists daily, keeping our audience entertained and Christy Copywriting top of mind.” – Christy
Grow your email list like Christy by building your own Interact quiz!

Sibila Ribeiro, Branding Expert and Website Designer

Website designer Sibila Ribeiro is a pro at creating enjoyable user experiences on her clients’ websites, and she’s done the same for her own. With her three-minute What’s Your Visual Brand Style? quiz, she takes quiz takers on a story-like journey that makes the brand building process more fun and memorable.

quiz cover for do you know your visual brand style?

Inside the quiz, Sibila gives her audience a few prompts and then the quiz taker get to decide what happens next through their answers. She loves using the quiz to bring people through the journey of building their dream business.

When taking the quiz, her audience will choose brand colors, fonts, logos, build their dream workspace, and hang images on their wall. All of this gives them an idea of what they visually gravitate toward so they can make more intentional design decisions.

Quiz takers also choose a celebrity to be their “business spokesperson” through one specific question. This spokesperson then speaks at an event their business is hosting at a city they pick. Once the event ends, they distribute a business card and a small gift wrapped in the brand’s pattern of their choice. The quiz ends with a question to pick a car they will drive off in.

When you tell a great story through your quiz, you’re able to hook your audience and convince them to sign up for your email list. That is the main goal of Sibila’s lead generating quiz, and she’s doing an amazing job with it. How amazing, you ask? Read about the biggest win she’s had since launching her quiz just five months ago. (Pro tip: you’re going to want to jot down all of her advice.)

closeup of a smiling woman with brown hair
Biggest win: Dramatically increased her email list with 6x growth!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Get clear on your quiz goals. It will help you define the title, questions, answers, results, and beyond. Focus on making it a fun experience from beginning to end and creating a connection with your quiz taker.
Use engaging questions that are connected to each other. For example, after asking which color palette is their favorite, the next question is “How about a cool font to go with those colors?”.
Include a question or two with quick feedback on the previous answers. For example, after a question about choosing a pair of shoes, the next one starts with “Love those shoes!”.
Make it appealing with content-related high-quality images, especially for the answer options. Be intentional with the images you use. People are more prone to engage and finish your quiz when there are images attached to the answers.
For the results, make it pop! Include an image or video along with a personalized and positive result. Follow up with an email including the detailed results.
Stay top of mind after the results! Extend the experience with an email sequence and include surprise goodies. It works like a charm!” – Sibila
Amp up your storytelling with an Interact quiz like Sibila!
quiz analytics with 43% conversion rate

Erika Holmes, Website & Email Copywriter

If you’ve ever wanted to make a Buzzfeed-style quiz that has your audience on the edge of their seats as they wait to read their results, look no further than Erika Holmes’ Interact quiz.

What's your brand's irresistible "it factor"? quiz cover

Using A-list celebrities as the personality types, Erika is able to delight her potential clients by comparing them to well-known figures. Every celebrity she has chosen is successful and well-liked by the public (like Oprah and Kate Middleton), making it easier for her to draw similarities between them and each quiz taker.

Erika’s quiz is more than a fun celebrity-matching tool. It has also helped her generate five-figures worth of projects while helping her engage in a more personable way with her new audience members. Want to create the same kind of success for your service-based business? Check out Erika’s advice for new quiz creators below.

headshot of a woman blowing a pink bubble with pink background
Biggest wins: Generated more than $10,000 in copywriting project sales from the quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
Start with the end quiz results in mind and meet your ideal client where they are right now. How can you create a quiz that helps them build some momentum and moves them toward investing in your service, product or course?” – Erika
Write a highly addictive quiz with an Interact account like Erika!

Kristen Fulchi, Branding & Website Designer

Instead of using her Interact quiz to grow her email list like most service providers, Kristen Fulchi decided to take a different approach. She primarily uses the assessment quiz to determine whether or not someone is ready to work with a designer.

quiz cover for is it time to hire a designer?

The quiz gives her audience a collection of eight questions that help people understand if it’s time for them to hire a designer based on their answers. Kristen uses branded imagery from a styled photoshoot to make every aspect of her quiz feel intentionally and purposefully designed.

At the end of the quiz, quiz takers are able to schedule a free consultation call with Kristen to talk more about their design project. So, does the call-to-action actually work? In short, yes!

Learn how Kristen has booked design projects directly from her quiz by reading her advice below. You can also take a look inside every decision Kristen made when creating her assessment quiz by reading her in-depth quiz building guide.

smiling woman standing in front of wall with pictures on it
Biggest win: Generated a $4,000 project directly from her quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
Think about your ultimate goal. While it’s amazing to grow your email list, remember that the ultimate goal is to convert that list into paying clients. So while there may be some visitors that need to be prepped and primed before ultimately purchasing from you, there are also visitors that are ready to make a purchase as soon as they arrive on your site. They’re the visitor that has 5 tabs open at once, comparing companies, and trying to see which one works best for them.
My biggest piece of advice? Think about speaking to them. How can you reassure them that you’re the right choice? How can you remind them of their pain points and let them know you understand them? How can you guide them through a quiz that ultimately leads them to your contact form with a stronger sense of reassurance and urgency? This type of quiz doesn’t focus on the amount of emails you capture, but the amount of inquiries & sales you get instead.” – Kristen
Book more client discovery calls with an Interact quiz like Kristen!

Chanteuse Marie, Email Conversion Copywriter

With dozens (or sometimes hundreds) of emails being delivered to your inbox every day, email conversion copywriter Chanteuse Marie helps entrepreneurs get un-stuck with their email marketing strategy. Since her whole shtick is that copywriting shouldn’t be boring, her star-studded Interact quiz helps her convert more leads with entertaining copy.

Which type of product launch are you? quiz cover

By helping people understand what kind of product launch they are, Chanteuse is able to follow up with emails and custom result landing pages (like this) that speak to her ideal audience segments. She adds even more value by giving free product launch funnel maps based on each product launch type.

Her lead generating quiz almost acts like a portfolio that shows all the different ways she can help her email copywriting clients with their funnel strategies. One of her quiz leads even mentioned that they found her quiz on our Live Examples page and it really stood out. Learn more about the formula Chanteuse uses when building quiz marketing funnels for her clients by reading her advice below.

headshot of woman in blue and pink light
Biggest win: Educating her client leads on the importance of email marketing funnels by using her own quiz funnel as a shining example!
Biggest piece of advice:
“I follow a simple formula whenever I create quizzes.
Entertainment + Value = Damn Good Quiz
The fun factor is a big deal. Nobody wants to take a ho-hum quiz. So, aim to increase happy hormones instead. This will help you attract an audience that would want to take your quiz from start to completion.
But entertainment is only half the picture. The other half is value.
If you want to attract potential clients, then your quiz should serve as a preview of how you can help them improve their lives. Give them a taste of what you can do for them. I like doubling down on value when creating the quiz results pages. This entices quiz takers to opt-in to my list. Take note that once they sign up, your welcome sequence should also be brimming with value so your new subscribers will feel good about handing over their email addresses.
Your quiz mantra: Always be helping without being boring.” – Chanteuse
Create your own Interact quiz without sacrificing fun like Chanteuse!

Lynn Killberg Thoreson, Floral Designer

The wedding industry can often feel oversaturated, so how do you stand out from competitors? How do you make sure brides know you are the best choice for their big day? Floral designer Lynn Killberg Thoreson of Wild Fleurette does this with her Bouquet Style quiz.

screenshot of What's your bouquet style quiz cover

Since many brides feel overwhelmed with all of the details that go into planning a wedding, some don’t know where to start when it comes to choosing flowers. Lynn’s Interact quiz presents a fun way to discover their ideal floral style so they can pull visual inspiration as they go through the quiz. At the end, quiz takers will get their results with sample floral bouquet imagery that fits what they might be looking for.

This whole bouquet style discovery process makes Lynn’s job easier because then she knows what style her clients want when onboarding a new client. Create a quiz that is as helpful for you as it is for your incoming clients is a major win. Learn more about the strategy behind Lynn’s lead generating quiz by reading her tips below.

headshot of a woman holding a bouquet of flowers
Biggest win: Converting multiple leads from the quiz into wedding floral design clients!
Biggest piece of advice
“Come up with a quiz topic that provides super helpful information for the person taking it (and make it fun too!). What’s something they’d really love to know that relates to your product or service? For example, my quiz was a way for them to hone in on their personal flower style and make wedding planning a little bit easier. 
By the end of the quiz, they have a better idea of their style including bouquet shape, color palette, and specific flower recommendations. I also give them a link to a Pinterest board of curated inspiration based on their results. I’ve had many brides contact me after taking the quiz and we use their results as a starting point in the design process!” – Lynn
Attract more quality leads with an Interact quiz like Lynn!

Kayla Dean, Copywriter & Brand Strategist

Primarily working with creative entrepreneurs, copywriter Kayla Dean wanted to use a unique call-to-action (CTA) style quiz to teach other business owners what a CTA is and why they should be using them in their copywriting.

What's your CTA style? quiz cover

Since copywriting is all about inspiring other people to take action, it makes sense that Kayla wanted to give her audience personalized tips to help them include more effective CTAs in their copy. It also establishes her as an expert in copywriting by focusing on this niche topic.

After taking the quiz, her audience is directed to a custom designed quiz result landing page (like this) with suggestions on updating their CTAs and several CTA examples they can start implementing in their own copy. You can do the same with your own lead generation quiz to create an even more enjoyable experience. Take a page from Kayla’s book with her advice for first-time quiz creators below.

headshot of a woman with brown hair sitting in front of a book shelf
Biggest win: Generating hundreds of new qualified leads for her copywriting business!
Biggest piece of advice:
Take as many quizzes as you can. See what you enjoy and what feels fun. Take a lighthearted approach to styling your quiz, and don’t forget to think of your ideal client when writing it! Your quiz copy is just as important as your website copy.” – Kayla
Write an engaging quiz by signing up for an Interact account like Kayla!

Online educators and influencers

Online educators are hyper-focused on positioning themselves as trustworthy authorities in their niche. Since they’re usually known for sharing their best advice and helping their audience members master a new skill, it makes sense that creating a lead generating quiz would help educators create personalized quiz results and educational lessons their audience loves.

Online educators and influencers primarily earn their revenue by teaching what they know through passive income digital products (like courses), recommending products others create (through income streams like brand sponsorships and affiliate marketing), and becoming a well-paid thought leader (sometimes leading to speaking and writing books).

No matter what your business model looks like as an educator or influencer, you can use an interactive quiz to solidify your expertise and build trust with customers that leads to sales.

In this section, you’ll hear from three educators who make their living online and use an Interact quiz as their main lead magnet. Why? Because it works, and they’ll show you exactly how they did it while giving you valuable advice.

(Psst… you can keep reading or jump to the online educator of your choice by clicking on their links: Jenna Kutcher, Tianna Tye, or Emily Jeffords.)

Jenna Kutcher, Influencer & Online Educator

If you’ve been learning about online marketing for a while, you’ve probably stumbled across Jenna Kutcher, a former wedding photographer turned multiple seven-figure business owner and educator. Using her social media influence, Goal Digger podcast, and her own website, she directs all visitors and followers to her Secret Sauce quiz.

what's your secret sauce quiz cover

Since Jenna is known for her love of mac & cheese, napping, and yoga pants, she’s created a quiz that is written in a casual and approachable way that fits her brand voice. As someone takes the quiz, they’ll feel like they’re talking to a close friend over a cup of coffee.

The “secret sauce” behind Jenna’s quiz is how well it segments her audience based on how people answer each question. Everything is already set up in the backend of her Interact quiz so quiz takers can simply complete the quiz, receive their extended quiz results through a landing page (like this), and check their email for more targeted information.

After working with Chanti Zak on her quiz, Jenna was able to map out her quiz and quickly launch it. While Jenna has used multiple email opt-ins to grow her list, nothing has worked quite as well as her Interact quiz. Read Jenna’s helpful advice on getting started with your own personality quiz!

blond woman sitting on a pillow on the floor
Biggest win: Main lead generator for her multiple SEVEN-figure business!
Biggest piece of advice:
“First off, write your quiz questions and answers in a super fun way! Make sure it is light-hearted but that you still have intention and purpose behind what you say.
I recommend creating a quiz that is ten questions long with two to three questions that will help you serve your people better. Give your audience a few intentional questions that allow you to put them into different “buckets” to serve them more specifically. The quiz is just the entry point. It’s up to you to do the work to prove that you are worthy of their email address
You know me, I’m obsessed with email list growth and building! It’s one of the biggest things in my business and it’s also what I teach on, so having an Interact quiz as an email opt-in is a really fun way to have an interactive opportunity for people to engage with your brand and discover something new about themselves.” – Jenna
Create an interactive quiz worth sharing with an Interact account like Jenna! 

Tianna Tye, Industrial-Organizational Psychologist & Educator

After four months of promoting her Enneagram Leadership Type quiz, educator Tianna Tye helps her visitors understand how entrepreneurs can use the Enneagram in their own self-discovery as a business leader. 

What's your enneagram leadership type quiz cover

Rather than creating a personality quiz from scratch, she decided to use insights from the existing Enneagram framework and put it into an easy-to-understand quiz format that people can learn from. (This is a similar approach that Kaye Putnam used with her six-figure generating quiz!)

Tianna’s quiz is longer than most with about 21 questions, but each question only gives two answer options so people can quickly move through the quiz and get to their results.

Instead of giving you one definitive Enneagram type, Tianna’s quiz shows you the top three quiz results that could be your best fit. As you read through each Enneagram type, you can determine what sounds the most like you. We love how accessible the Enneagram is through this quiz! Read below to see what Tianna has learned through building her first personality quiz.

laughing woman on sofa with open laptop by her
Biggest win: nearly 50% of people who take the quiz become an email subscriber!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Creating the quiz is the fun part, but launching it like a bona fide offer… that’s where the magic will happen. I’d recommend that any first-timers think through what purpose the quiz has and how to announce it to their audience in a fun way! Make it fun and you will appreciate it in the long run. Also, don’t forget to drive your audience to it every once in a while. A little reminder never hurt anyone!” – Tianna
Inject more fun into your brand with an Interact quiz like Tianna!

Emily Jeffords, Artist & Educator

Since Emily Jeffords, a fine artist turned online educator, serves creative entrepreneurs with her membership community and retreats, it makes sense that she uses an Interact quiz to help people discover what kind of creative they are.

what type of creative are you? quiz cover with different creatives

Interestingly, Emily decided to display the five different quiz result options before someone takes the quiz. She still keeps people intrigued as they answer each question by varying the order and amount of answer options they can choose from. This is a smart way to make sure there is still some mystery with your quiz if you choose to show your result options ahead of time.

With gorgeous brand visuals and a few image-based answer options, Emily makes the self-discovery process for her creative audience a lot more fun with this lead generating quiz.

Even though she has an optional email sign-up form in her quiz, around 40% of people who take the quiz turn into leads. That’s awesome! Learn more about what makes a quiz special in Emily’s eyes by reading her advice below.

woman with long brown hair standing in front of a white wall
Biggest win: Generated over 800 leads for her email list in just six months!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Get really clear on the results you want to offer your quiz taker and make it enjoyable to complete the quiz.” – Emily
Attract the right people with your own Interact quiz like Emily!
quiz funnel showing a 66.6% conversion rate

Coaches and consultants

Similar to a service provider, coaches and consultants work with clients to help them achieve their goals, but they do so in a different way.

People work with service providers to receive a tangible product while coaches and consultants often provide the intangibles—like strategy, accountability, and encouragement—in order to help their clients reach a higher level of transformation.

You can find coaches and consultants in multiple industries including health and wellness, mindset, career, small business, relationship, and life coaching. 

When you feel confident in the services you provide as a coach or consultant, you can create a lead generating quiz that position you as the best guide and trusted voice for your potential client to follow in their transformational journey.

Other coaches have found great results with their quizzes, such as:

  • Generating more than $100,000 in passive income course sales in addition to their coaching and consulting business
  • Attracting more than 100,000 quiz takers to complete their quiz
  • Closing thousands of dollars in new coaching sales in just two weeks
  • Growing their email list by over 50% or adding as much as 1,000+ subscribers from their quizzes

You can achieve similar results with your quiz by reading through these unique quiz building strategies and following their advice. 

(Psst… you can keep reading or jump to the coach or consultant of your choice by clicking on their links: Kaye Putnam, Amber Lilyestrom, Wandering Aimfully, Nadalie Bardo, Amber Harper, Kamila Gornia, Stacy Tuschl, Shaina Leis, Lydia Lee, Drew DuBoff, Kelsey Erickson, Ashley Srokosz, Kate Crocco, Habit House, or Jessie Harris Bouton.)

Kaye Putnam, Psychology-Driven Branding Strategist & Coach

Branding strategist and coach Kaye Putnam has become one of our biggest success stories at Interact after generating a six-figure profit from her Brand Personality quiz!

brand personality quiz with archetypes

By repurposing 12 archetypes she found in a book called The Hero & The Outlaw, she created a unique quiz that helps entrepreneurs understand how they can use their brand archetype to attract their ideal clients.

She first published her quiz on a different quiz builder but later realized that Interact had more features and benefits that could take her quiz to the next level. After transitioning to Interact over a year ago, she has seen massive growth. And when we say massive, we mean it!

Now that over 100,000 people have taken her quiz, Kaye plans to create more quizzes that she can monetize. Read more about Kaye’s quiz case study on our blog and take a peek at her advice below. Since she’s generated six-figure profit with her lead generation quiz, we’re definitely listening.

blond woman sitting in a chair with a hat
Biggest win: Generating MORE than $100,000 from online course sales directly from the quiz – WOW!
Biggest piece of advice:
“The best advice I can give to anyone who is creating a quiz is to provide a TON of value to the people who take it. For my quiz, it’s typically the first interaction people have with my brand, so I provide a lot of additional value beyond a personality description to ensure they want to keep following my work.
Oh, and don’t choose 12 personality types like I did. It took more time for me to set up the quiz than other online course creators just because I chose too many quiz result options. Stick to three to five.” – Kaye
Generate more profits with your Interact quiz like Kaye!

Amber Lilyestrom, Branding Strategist & Business Coach

Seven-figure entrepreneur and coach Amber Lilyestrom is focused on teaching other business owners how to design a life and business they love. Using her website, blog, organic social media posts, and Facebook ads, she frequently points her audience to the What’s Your Core Purpose? quiz.

What's your core purpose quiz cover

As a business coach, Amber knows her audience commonly struggles with how to create a business plan with the kind of freedom and flexibility they’re looking to create. This is exactly what she covers in her series of follow-up emails that comes right after someone completes the seven-question quiz.

The follow-up emails give her audience a full explanation of their quiz results, a deeper look into her personal story, and an introduction to her coaching programs.

With very little Facebook ad spend, Amber has been able to quickly grow her email list while increasing her coaching program sales. Learn how you can also make your quiz the biggest lead generator for your online quiz with Amber’s advice below.

headshot of a blond woman leaning against a wall
Biggest win: Growing email list with more than 6,000 subscribers coming directly from the quiz in two years!
Biggest piece of advice:
“My biggest piece of advice is to create a quiz that gives your audience a sense of identity in their results. Helping them feel seen, understood and known is key to building a lasting relationship.” – Amber
Use a quiz marketing funnel to sell coaching packages with an Interact quiz like Amber!
quiz funnel showing a 30.2% conversion rate

Caroline & Jason Zook, Business Coaches

Wouldn’t you love to see success in just two weeks after launching your Interact quiz? That’s exactly what happened for business coaches Caroline and Jason Zook of Wandering Aimfully.

what's your business blindspot? quiz cover

By offering un-boring coaching for intentional entrepreneurs, Caroline and Jason use their What’s Your Business Blindspot? quiz to engage with new website visitors and followers by helping them discover what could be holding them back from financial freedom.

Since Caroline and Jason sell a premium-priced coaching program with many courses, programs, and features included, it’s important for them to position themselves early on as experts and coaches who can help people overcome their limiting beliefs and take action on their vision for the future.

With custom illustrations and personality-infused copy, Caroline and Jason make sure that every quiz taker walks away knowing more about themselves and the business coach duo.

In just two weeks after putting up the quiz and optimizing their website to lead new visitors to the quiz, they’ve seen almost 5x the growth of their average weekly subscribers. And this is just the beginning!

If they extrapolate this growth rate over the course of one year, just from this one tactic alone, they could grow their yearly subscribers by 6,300, which is higher than the 1,300 subscribers they were attracting with other email opt-ins before. Scroll down to read Caroline’s detailed advice for first-time quiz creators! You may want to take notes.

headshot of man and woman
Biggest win: Converted two sales for a $600 product in ONLY two weeks – that’s $1200 in extra revenue on autopilot!
Biggest piece of advice
“Our biggest piece of advice for first-time quiz creators is to use your quiz to (1) solve a problem for your audience and (2) deliver an experience that’s memorable. We thought long and hard about what to title our quiz and what it should do for our target customer.
We have a relatively broad business offering (coaching for intentional online business owners) and we know from our members that our program CAN solve multiple pain points and problems. This versatility can actually present a marketing challenge at times.
Our quiz allows us to segment our audience based on the problem that MOST resonates with them (productivity, marketing, pricing, branding, or taking confident action) and this allows us to position our offering as a solution to that ONE problem—personalizing it to their needs—which is powerful for us. (Side note: we can also see through Interact’s analytics which of those five problems is the most popular which gives us critical insight into our audience!)
The feedback we’ve gotten early on is also that the custom landing pages we created for each quiz result are tremendously useful (and highly memorable with custom illustrations and fun copy!).
Once someone takes the quiz, we deliver quick tips and advice on how to “fix their Business Blindspot” and that delivers value immediately. This is an opportunity for us to be helpful and deliver a unique first experience, which goes a long way to building trust with our subscribers right off the bat.” – Caroline

Nadalie Bardo, Goal Slaying Coach

Coach Nadalie Bardo of It’s All You Boo has grown her What Should Your Goal Be? quiz to a point where it’s now the top email opt-in and lead generator for her business. Nadalie uses her blog and Pinterest traffic to turn readers into email subscribers with her Interact quiz.

what should your goal be? quiz cover

Since much of Nadalie’s work is focused on helping her audience set and achieve their goals, this quiz topic is an instant fit. With fun stock images and lighthearted copy, Nadalie makes a personal connection with her audience through the quiz.

After transitioning her quiz to Interact from another quiz builder, she has seen even more email list growth than she anticipated! 

By promoting her quiz through Pinterest graphics and featuring it in multiple ways on her website, Nadalie welcomes multiple subscribers to her list each day with the whole quiz marketing funnel running on autopilot. Learn how Nadalie does it with her advice below.

woman with dark, curly hair and an off-the-shoulder shirt
Biggest win: Generating over 6,000 leads from her quiz in a little over a year!
Biggest piece of advice:
Choose a topic that flows into your offer. For example, on my blog It’s All You Boo, I’m all about goals, so naturally, my quiz is about goals and leads to my main offer: a goal planner. This way, only visitors who are actually interested in what you have to offer will take your quiz. It’s intentionally targeted.” – Nadalie
Build your email list with an Interact quiz like Nadalie!

Amber Harper, Teacher Burnout Coach

As the founder of Burned-In Teacher, a coaching business for fellow teachers, Amber Harper uses her expertise as an educator to create a helpful yet enjoyable quiz for visitors.

quiz cover for teacher burnout quiz

Since she sells ebooks, hosts a membership community, offers courses, and coaches clients, Amber needed a quick and easy way for visitors to determine which offering is best for them. By highlighting her quiz on the homepage of her website as well as on her blog, she drives traffic to the quiz so people can see what stage of burnout they might be in.

Talking about burnout might feel like a heavy topic for a quiz, but Amber has found a way to keep her quiz results upbeat, motivating, and inspiring. With each stage of burnout, she reminds quiz takers of what’s really important and gives them the tools they need in order to overcome it, like the free burnout cheatsheet she offers to each quiz taker at the end.

We love hearing that her Interact quiz is now the biggest lead generator for Amber’s business as well as the catalyst for her email growth. Check out her advice for first-time quiz creators below. It’s gold!

woman in jean jacket sitting on a bench
Biggest win: More than TRIPLED her email list growth with the quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
“My biggest advice is to get people who you respect as mentors and friends to take the quiz and offer you feedback. I shared this quiz with many people who gave me excellent feedback before I officially launched it.” – Amber
Create your own personality quiz with an Interact account like Amber!
quiz funnel showing conversion rate of 72.4% completions

Kamila Gornia, Business Coach

Kamila Gornia, the business coach behind the Heart Behind Hustle movement, has built her business primarily by word-of-mouth marketing and strategic Facebook advertising. Looking for a way to keep her Facebook ad costs down while generating more interest in her coaching offerings, Kamila decided to create her What is Your Authority Brand Style? quiz.

What's your primary authority brand style? quiz cover

With her lead generating quiz, Kamila teaches other entrepreneurs how to be seen as trusted authorities. After someone take the quiz, they will receive their full results through a follow-up email sequence. However, they can also click the CTA button which takes them to a separate landing page with a special offer for her low-priced Authority Launcher mini course.

Everything is well-thought out from start to finish with custom designed landing pages, graphics, and fun quiz result titles. In two months, Kamila has seen her quiz-related Facebook ads go viral, meaning many of her leads are now sharing it with their friends. Kamila is sharing her best advice on how to create a viral-worthy Interact quiz below.

Biggest win: With Facebook ad costs at less than $1 per lead, Kamila has generated over 1,000 new leads in about two months!
Biggest piece of advice
Don’t overcomplicate it. Many entrepreneurs, especially coaches and service providers, create content from a place of what they think their ideal client NEEDS to know or SHOULD be thinking about. This creates misalignment and people won’t want to sign up for the quiz mostly because they won’t really “get” it.
Think about your ideal client. What are THEY thinking about right now? What would capture THEIR attention? What would make them think “OMG I have to take this quiz NOW!” and then go from there.” – Kamila
Increase your brand’s opportunity to go viral with an Interact quiz like Kamila!

Stacy Tuschl, Small Business Consultant

After founding multiple seven-figure companies and becoming a bestselling author, business consultant Stacy Tuschl knows the power of online marketing, especially when it comes to building your email list.

Luckily, her revenue blocks themed quiz is more than just a lead magnet to grow her list. It has also helped her build trust with her audience, introduce more of her offerings, and turn subscribers into paying customers.

Revenue blocks revealed quiz cover

By helping her audience understand what is holding them back from reaching their earning potential, she creates a strong connection with her helpful content.

Along with explaining each revenue block type, the personalized quiz result descriptions also tell quiz takers that their first follow-up email includes an ebook with more information on their money blocks. 

This way, Stacy can nurture her new subscribers through a follow-up email sequence while giving them a delightful freebie with tips they can start implementing into their own business. Stacy shares her best tips on launching your first lead generating quiz like an expert below.

headshot of smiling blond woman
Biggest win: A great 53.8% email list growth conversion rate from the quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Quizzes are not just any other lead magnet. It’s a great way to help your clients self-select if they are a good fit to work with you or not. With an Interact quiz, you get to design “buckets” and help people decide where they fit. Then you can create a custom response to each “bucket” to help them in their journey.
You could lead them to your free Facebook Group if they aren’t ready to hire you or, if you realize they are more established than most, invite them to get on a call so you can share more information about your highest offering.
Before you create your quiz, really ask yourself who the most common types of customers that come to you are and what do offerings you have for each person. Make sure your quiz flows nicely and it helps them select who they are so you know who your qualified leads are.” – Stacy
Attract more quality leads with an Interact quiz like Stacy!
quiz analytics showing conversion rate of 53.8%

Shaina Leis, Life Coach

Looking to make the transition from a 1:1 life coach to offering a Recess School membership community for young professionals, Shaina Leis decided to use her Instagram and YouTube influence to generate traffic and buzz around her Which Career Mindset is Keeping You Stuck? quiz.  

Which career mindset is keeping you stuck? quiz cover

After working with a certified Interact consultant (which just so happened to be me!), Shaina was able to strategically map out every aspect of her quiz. By first defining her quiz personality types and what advice she wanted to offer for each career mindset, she was then able to easily create quiz questions and answers that fit the topic. 

Now that she has launched her quiz, she feels more confident than ever in making it the main lead magnet on her website. It also inspired her to start up her YouTube channel again because she was excited about promoting her new quiz and membership community. Learn from Shaina as she talks about her best tips for getting started with your first lead generating quiz below. 

headshot of smiling woman in a striped shirt
Biggest win: generated 600 new leads in just three months!
Biggest piece of advice:
Hire an Interact consultant to help you create the perfect quiz! It will save you time, energy and ensure that your audience is being served in a big way. I get messages from new subscribers on a regular basis about how accurate their results are. They’re excited for the valuable information, and I’m excited for the steady flow of quality leads. Don’t think twice!” – Shaina
Create a buzzworthy personality quiz with an Interact account like Shaina!

Lydia Lee, Reinvention Strategist

Inspiring thousands of people to quit their day jobs to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, Lydia Lee from Screw the Cubicle helps quiz takers understand what career change they need to make in order to have more freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment.

career change quiz cover with woman with dark hair and a play button

With her simple five-question Career Change quiz, Lydia invites her website visitors to answer a set of quiz questions that will give them personalized quiz results through a custom landing page (like this). The copy on this page is specific to the career change stage each quiz taker is in and the page guides people toward their best next steps in order for them to confidently quit their 9-5 job.

After using her lead generating quiz for two years (with a few minor revisions along the way), she has grown her brand awareness while selling more of her Find Your Niche Masterclass offer. She gives each quiz taker an enticing 50% off code to make the investment feel like a no-brainer. Learn more about how Lydia has grown her online business by helping others grow theirs by reading her advice below.

headshot of smiling woman
Biggest win: Generated over 500 leads in only the first month of utilizing her quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Invest the time to create a trust-building nurturing sequence after people sign up for your quiz. This is especially important for service providers because people need to be educated, not sold to immediately from the quiz. Include your story, showcase your transformative process, and guide them to make a powerful decision to work with you.” – Lydia
Build your service-based business with an Interact quiz like Lydia!
quiz analytics showing conversion rate for starts to leads

Drew DuBoff, Online Business Coach

Since Drew DuBoff teaches online entrepreneurs how to scale their business, he especially loves to use an Interact quiz to scale his email list. After putting in the initial effort of creating the quiz content and setting it up in Interact, he has been able to be hands-off since then while the quiz generates email leads for him.

What is your true career destiny? quiz cover

Initially, the What is Your True Career Destiny? quiz was created to help professionals identify their desires, helpful resources, and ultimately assess how ready someone was to work with him.

Inside the quiz results, Drew used a free downloadable checklist for each personality type to increase his email list and engagement even more. It made his subscribers excited to check their inbox for more information about their personality type and instantly download the free resources.

Now that Drew has rebranded, he can make a few slight tweaks to his Interact quiz to make sure it fits his future vision while still generating leads for the long term. Learn more about Drew’s quiz case study and takes notes while reading his valuable advice below.

picture of a man sitting on bench in a blazer
Biggest win: Generating over 1,000 leads from unpaid Pinterest traffic!
Biggest piece of advice:
“My biggest piece of advice is to create fun, engaging questions that represent you and your brand. I find that the more emotion-driven words you include in your quiz, the more that people are going to connect. Images can also be good in that respect because quiz takers can identify with the images. Not to mention, when you positively frame the results, they’re more likely to socially share the quiz
Ultimately, the quiz has to accomplish your main objective. While you should aim to be fairly direct with your approach, your quiz taker shouldn’t feel like they’re being harvested as a lead. They should feel like a million bucks after completing the quiz because they’ve learned more about themselves. That’s the goal of a quiz–self-actualization. And, you should make it your goal to help them on that journey. Your bottom line will benefit as a result.” – Drew
Build your first personality quiz the easy way with an Interact account like Drew!
quiz analytics for starts to leads with 31.8% conversion rate

Kelsey Erickson, Career & Life Coach

After seeing the success she’s had with her self-reflection quiz, Kelsey Erickson of Everme Coaching wishes she would have launched her first quiz sooner! In only three months, she has seen more email list growth with the lead generating quiz than she has in ALL three and a half years of her coaching business.

self-reflection quiz cover

As a career and life coach, it makes sense that Kelsey wanted to create a quiz that helps her audience better understand how to build a healthy self-reflection practice. By honing in this self-reflection skill, it prepares her leads for coaching while giving them great value upfront. We call that a win-win!

With the quiz, Kelsey can adopt a “set it and forget it” method when it comes to growing her email list. The quiz has generated more client leads for her business in three months at a faster rate than any other traditional methods she’s tried, including social media posts and other email opt-ins. Read Kelsey’s best advice for first-time quiz creators below.

woman with dark hair smiling at camera
Biggest win: A 34% increase in overall email list growth!
Biggest piece of advice
Create a quiz that you would want to take. It’s important to put yourself in your ideal client’s shoes and create from there. I believe this creates a more authentic and engaging quiz versus something designed purely to serve the business rather than the customer. Don’t waste people’s time!
I would definitely recommend creating a quiz to someone who is (a) just getting started (b) doesn’t know a whole lot about email list building and is looking for a straightforward resource and (c) someone who wants a tool that will work on your behalf!” – Kelsey
Create an email list building quiz with Interact like Kelsey!

Ashley Srokosz, Branding & Website Coach

Working primarily with wellness entrepreneurs, Ashley Srokosz has used her Light Up Your Biz quiz to help her audience build a more profitable health-related business with her personalized branding and website tips. 

light up your biz quiz cover

Ashley’s main goal is to help other entrepreneurs create a six-figure business, so she has intentionally created her lead generating quiz to solve any problems or hang-ups her audience is currently facing.

After quiz takers answer ten simple quiz questions, she provides a follow-up email sequence with more information about their quiz results and uses her thank you landing pages (like this) to direct quiz takers to their email inboxes.

The Light Up Your Biz quiz has helped Ashley make more sales during time-sensitive launches AND for evergreen products. We love hearing that it has helped her grow her email list by almost 650 subscribers in a little under a year, but that’s not even her biggest win! Read below to see what it is along with her detailed advice.

smiling woman sitting on a chair
Biggest win: Generated $3,000 in course launch sales along with evergreen sales that continue to increase each month!
Biggest piece of advice:
Don’t put off creating a quiz because you think it’s a lot of work! I’ve heard of other people taking 6 months or more to create a quiz, and I have no idea how it could have taken so long if they were using software like Interact. It was so easy!
Within a month of having the idea for my quiz, it was up and running on my website and I had over 100 participants a month after that. It continues to capture new email subscribers for me every single day.
What’s helped it generate sales for me is the nurture email sequence that comes after they get their results. I’ve been able to reuse blog posts from years ago, and it helps my new leads trust me much quicker, leading to more sales at launch time.
Setting up a quiz has helped me take advantage of all the content I’ve spent years creating that my new email subscribers weren’t always seeing. It’s helped me work smarter, not harder!” – Ashley
Grow your online course sales with an Interact quiz like Ashley!
quiz funnel showing 77.5% conversion of starts to completions

Kate Crocco, Psychotherapist and Confidence & Mindset Coach

As a new author of the book Thinking Like a Boss, Kate decided to create a What’s Holding You Back? quiz that leads to pre-ordering her book. While increasing her book pre-order numbers (which is super important in the traditional publishing world), she also can engage and nurture subscribers who join her list after taking the quiz. This helps her stay top-of-mind as a mindfulness expert while allowing Kate to offer other services and products through her emails.

waht's holding you back? quiz cover

We’ve already talked about how adding a freebie offer to your quiz makes it even more enjoyable and valuable. We love how Kate offers a free preview of the first two chapters to quiz takers! It helps to convince visitors who are on the fence about taking her quiz to complete it so they can read the first part of her book. 

Kate has a few months to increase her pre-order numbers, so she plans to promote the quiz even more than she has the last two months. She’s already added her quiz as a pop-up on her website, included an announcement bar on her website that leads to the quiz, and is talking about it on social media. Learn more from Kate on how to make a statement with your own Interact quiz!

woman in a lace shirt sitting in a chair
Biggest win: Generating 100 new email leads in less than two months!
Biggest piece of advice:
Have FUN with your quiz! Make it playful, even if it’s serious content. I mean, come on, mine is all about what’s holding you back from getting what you want!
Also, there is a correlation between you sharing the quiz and people taking it! The more excited you are about it and the more you invite people to take it, the higher the conversion.
Also, make sure there is something of great value waiting for them on the other side. Think long term. We developed a pretty intensive email sequence that offers value in each and every email. You don’t just want to give them their results; YOU want to be their solution. Hold their hand on a journey and continue to give them support related to their result. They want to learn from you. This is your opportunity!” – Kate
Create your own personality quiz with an Interact account like Kate!

Ilse Paanakker, Fitness Coach

As the founder of Habit House, Ilse Paanakker decided to create an Interact quiz that helps her website visitors understand what type of exercise habit builder they are. Since Ilse and her team offer habit coaching through 1:1 text message accountability memberships, it makes sense to focus on this topic for the quiz.

what type of exercise habit builder are you? quiz cover

When someone takes the quiz, they will receive their full quiz results inside their inbox rather than in the quiz result description preview. The description preview still shows a CTA button with an offer to try Habit House for free in the meantime. Clicking it will help them start their free trial. 

What’s unique about Ilse’s quiz is how she used the branching logic feature inside Interact. By creating conditional logic based on answers to her quiz questions, she’s able to assign more personalized results and create a choose-your-own-adventure style quiz. For more information about branching logic for quizzes, click here or look at her branching logic graphic below. Ilse gives her best tips on how to earn your audience’s trust with your quiz below. 

smiling blond woman
Biggest win: Increasing sales conversions and generating better leads with branching logic because she can serve the right content to the right person!
Biggest piece of advice:
“Develop customer personas and use branch logic to speak directly to these different individuals by serving them their next question based on their previous reply. This allows you to really understand the person that is engaging with your content. When you provide them with their quiz results, you are directly speaking to them!” – Ilse
Create a branching logic quiz with your own Interact account like Ilse!
branching logic of a quiz
Screenshot of Ilse’s quiz with branching logic. It’s not as scary as it looks!

Jessie Harris Bouton, Life & Business Growth Strategist

Specializing in helping her audience turn their callings into a career they love, Jessie Harris Bouton created a simple and fun Interact quiz to teach others how to start thinking like a “Millionaire Mompreneur.” 

Using this assessment-style quiz, Jessie gives her audience the ability to self-select answers that fit their own money mindset. Based on their answers, the quiz automatically generates quiz results that tell women how close they are to thinking like a millionaire. 

When Jessie launched the first round of her quiz about two months ago, she wanted to increase her free Plan to Profit masterclass sign-ups. The quiz helped her accomplish this while also growing her email list while it ran in the background on its own. As an entrepreneur and mom of five, anything that saves Jessie time while growing her bottom line is worth doing! 

We love how Jessie takes a more serious quiz topic and makes it completely approachable with her personable brand voice. She injects her personality throughout the quiz result descriptions and the inviting copy on her quiz pop-up. Learn more about what Jessie has learned as a new quiz creator through her advice below.

smiling woman standing with hand on her hip
Biggest win: EVERY person who took the quiz went on to watch her free masterclass!
Biggest piece of advice:
“If you feel overwhelmed, don’t overthink it. Start out simple with your first quiz. And then take your time creating another if you think it’s necessary. SIMPLE is better, always. My customers love that it was a 30 second quiz and was so spot on with the answers!” – Jessie
Create a share-worthy quiz with an Interact account like Jessie!

eCommerce businesses and startups

Often selling physical products, a good eCommerce business owner knows how important it is to create a memorable online shopping experience. Because you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store but rather a digital storefront through your website, you need to craft a streamlined user experience that connects with your visitors and, ideally, converts them into customers.

If your brand has many products in its online shop, your potential customers may feel overwhelmed with the number of options they have to choose from, which psychologists sometimes call analysis paralysis

To expertly guide your visitors through their purchase decision-making process, you can create an easy assessment quiz that gives your audience a list of multiple-choice questions to quickly answer. Based on their response, the quiz will give them a personalized product recommendation from your shop that could be their perfect fit.

To add even more value, you can add tips, suggestions, and other educational information that makes your quiz taker feel more confident in their results. Not sure how to do this? These eCommerce business owners and startups will show you how to create a quiz strategy for your online shop and give you advice along the way.

(Psst… you can keep reading or jump to the eCommerce or startup business of your choice by clicking on their links: Primally Pure, Smartass & Sass, Wild Bum.)

Bethany McDaniel of Primally Pure

Creating an online shopping experience that still has a human touch can be difficult, but Bethany McDaniel of Primally Pure has found a way to do this with her Interact quiz. Focused on serving her customers, she created an easy and enjoyable quiz that gives each person a personalized product recommendation. 

When your quiz is intentionally created, it can almost feels like having a personal shopper by your side, but the whole thing is automated. So, does this strategy work? Yes! Bethany has been able to increase her email list with nearly 30,000 new subscribers from the quiz AND has added over six-figures of revenue!

Which Primally Pure deodorant is the pure-fect fit for your lifestyle? quiz cover

Since Primally Pure sells many skincare products, Bethany decided to create a targeted quiz that specifically helps their potential customers find their perfect (or in their case, “pure-fect”) deodorant product. Once someone finishes the quiz, they’ll receive their results right away with a beautifully designed landing page.

The custom quiz result landing pages (like this one) not only recommend a deodorant product but also includes current customer testimonials for social proof, a competitor product  comparison chart, and multiple CTA buttons leading to the product-specific shop page. Every element is strategically crafted to help Primally Pure make the sale.

Want to see similar results for your own eCommerce business? Bethany’s best tips for selling physical products the easier way with a lead generating quiz can be found below.

Woman standing by an interior door with products behind her
Biggest win: Generated over $100,000 in added revenue from their recommended products on the quiz!
Biggest piece of advice:
Don’t be afraid to share and reshare your quiz with your audience over and over…and over. People would rather be reminded to take a quiz (or share it with a friend if they’ve already taken it) than be bombarded with sales-focused messaging repeatedly.
Quizzes are such a great way to build trust which will in turn result in increased sales. Plus, they take people back to their high school Cosmo-reading days and are just plain FUN!” – Bethany
Increase your sales and buzz with an Interact quiz like Bethany!
quiz analytics showing a 40.3% conversion rate of views to completions

Abby Bartholomew of Smartass & Sass

Abby Bartholomew of Smartass & Sass, an eCommerce subscription box brand for sarcastic badasses, has only used her How Sassy Are You? quiz for two weeks and is already seeing success!

How sassy are you? quiz cover

After attending an Interact quiz building workshop at the Imperfect Boss Camp (hosted by yours truly!), Abby was inspired to use Interact to build a quiz that helps potential customers discover sassy subscription box products in their shop that are their perfect fit. By injecting LOTS of personality into her copy and including GIFs for every answer option, Abby has created a truly addictive quiz.

Making the smart decision to “soft launch” the quiz to a small segment of her audience to test its performance, she now has the data and insights she needs to confidently launch the quiz to her larger audience. As a new quiz creator herself, Abby has many tips to share with you. You can find her most important quiz building advice below.

woman with red hair smiling at the camera
Biggest win: A whopping 81% view to completion rate on her quiz – that’s incredible!
Biggest piece of advice:
“It might seem like there is a lot to figure out when you start creating your personality quiz (like mapping out your answers, brainstorming content, etc.), but once you start working on it, you’ll see that Interact has built the easiest-to-use interface. It is SO simple to map answers, populate photos or gifs (through their integrations) and launch. And that’s all on a free plan!” – Abby
Start building your own quiz with Interact like Abby!

Mollie Krengel of Wild Bum

As the founder of the innovative and new startup Wild Bum, travel enthusiast Mollie Krengel uses a quiz to help her audience answer the question What Road Trip Should You Take Next?. Since the main goal of her website is to sell more travel guides, it makes sense that her quiz is optimized to convert quiz takers into buyers.

Which road trip should you take next? quiz cover

With short personality-driven result descriptions and stunning landscape photos, Mollie helps anyone find their next travel destination by answering a few simple questions. Each road trip type is then paired with a destination travel guide that quiz takers can quickly purchase by clicking on the CTA button.

After clicking the button, quiz takers can explore the personalized product listing (like this one for New Zealand) to see what’s inside the guide and if they’re ready to purchase it. There is also an option to “favorite” the guide if they are still trying to decide where they want to travel so they can bookmark it for later.

We love everything about this personalized shopping experience! Learn more from Mollie on how to create a quiz that grows your eCommerce business.

woman sitting in a chair
Biggest win: Increasing their travel guide sales while growing their brand community as a new startup!
Biggest piece of advice
“Start somewhere! Whether it’s a business concept or a quiz – get started and have fun with it. See what happens, what works, and what doesn’t – then tweak and go from there. Interact quizzes are a fabulous way to interact with and build your community, show the fun and personality of your brand as well as inspire your peeps to take action. Chances are, that is the goal of your business: to make lives better. Never underestimate the power of a question, or a quiz, to be that catalyst!” – Mollie
Take the hassle out of selling products with your own Interact quiz like Mollie!

Make your own lead generating quiz with Interact

After reading through these success stories, are you convinced that creating an interactive lead generating quiz would generate more leads and sales for your business while growing your email list?

Awesome! The next step (after signing up for your Interact account, of course) is to read through our in-depth guide on Everything You Need to Know to Launch Your First Quiz. It has exercises, templates, and helpful advice so you can launch your first quiz in less than a week.

If you’re still on the fence about whether a quiz is the right fit for your business, you can try Interact by signing up here for a risk-free trial. We’re confident that once you jump inside the tool and see how easy it is to use, you’ll be hooked. We’ve taken out all the tech headaches behind creating a quiz so you can get started right away.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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